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15 Tweets About Raccoons To Lift Up Your Spirit Today

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Let’s greet!

Determined Mastiff Competing At Dog Agility Is All Of Us Struggling Through Another Day

This Mastiff shows just the kind of stubborn fortitude in the face of daunting odds that I can get down with. Life’s all about slowly working through the daily, potentially struggle-filled grind; and in this case, we can watch a Mastiff do it at their own damn pace. I respect the (lack of) hustle. It’s all about getting it done.  Submitted by: (via Hans Watson) Tagged: dogs , ridiculous , mastiff , funny , Video , animals Share on Facebook

Appalled Coworker Freaks Out When They Don’t Get Spoiled With Free Dinner Delivery

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Phil Collins Deer Fail Mashup Is a Triumph of the Internet

This right here. This is the kind of stuff that we like to see. Yes. Bravo. Thank you internet gods for bestowing something so wonderfully brilliant and idiotic at the same time. Yes. The drum solo you least expect. Phenomenal. Submitted by: (via Josh Ballico) Tagged: hilarious , FAIL , Phil Collins , similar sounding , deer , sound , amazing , drums , Video Share on Facebook

21 Weird and Dumb Design Failures That Have Room for Improvement

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An Artist Savagely Roasts Redditors With Absolutely Brutal Cartoons

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The Viral JK Rowling Reveals Meme Unveils All Kinds Of Results

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23 Fearless People Share the Wildest Things They’ve Ever Done for Money

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Man Parked In A Ditch Gets Called Out In The Most British Exchange Ever

“Can you tell me what road I”m on ?” Uh, Sir, you can’t park there. This has to be the most lovably British exchange I’ve ever seen! Why is this so precious and wonderful? I don’t know; could be the accents.  Submitted by: (via MobbieVlogs) Tagged: FAIL , British , ridiculous , funny , stupid Share on Facebook