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22 Belly-Rubbin’ Good Boy Doggo Memes To Bring Some Excitement and Happiness To Your Day

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16 Tweets Written By Cat Owners And Are a Purrfect Summary Of Your Life

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There’s a pill for that…

Disney Channel’s Unedited Wand Animations Are Awkward Marriage of Nostalgia and Failure

If you grew up knowing anything about the Disney Channel then you’re familiar with those short magic wand “I’m blank and you’re watching the Disney Channel” animations. Turns out the perfect Mickey Mouse logo was HEAVILY edited in post. These are great. Submitted by: (via Will Tempfer) Tagged: commercial , wand , disney , intro , disney channel , FAIL , editing , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Slipknot Vocalist Sings SpongeBob Theme Song, Epic Ensues

Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor is talented in MANY ways. The amount of epic in this video where he sings the SpongeBob song is very high.  Submitted by: (via Slipknot Fan TV) Tagged: singing , awesome , SpongeBob SquarePants , Video , win Share on Facebook

Hard Rockers Confess Their Favorite Pop Songs

The results might surprise you. Yes, hard rockers rock out to some pop music every now and again too.  Submitted by: (via Fuse) Tagged: Music , pop , rock , hard rock , pop culture , Video Share on Facebook

17 People Share the Cringey Things They Would Do If Society Let Them

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Delusional Tumblr Post About The Pearl Powder Beauty Secret Is Pure BS

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The Perfect Revenge For Someone Who Parked In A Handicapped Spot

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A Full Tub Of 30 Shower Thoughts To Deep Soak You With Wisdom

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