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It’s a flurit trap!

Genius Dad Gets Well-Timed Revenge on Six Flags Line Cutters

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News Presenter From London Tries To Correct Pronunciation Of Guy From Middlesbrough

That’s like heading over to Scotland and telling them to stop speaking in Scottish accents. It’s just plain wrong and dumb. This is some nice live TV awkward gold.  Submitted by: (via MixUp) Tagged: cringe , London , reporter , ridiculous , accent , Video , culture Share on Facebook

Some Good Tweets That Won’t Fail To Get A Laugh Out Of You

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White Sox Employee Throws Possibly Worst First Pitch Ever, Hits Cameraman

We don’t blame most people for crappy first pitches. It’s pretty understandable when some local celebrity who hasn’t thrown a ball in their life can’t get it across home plate. This however, is pretty damn bad. Pretty sure she hit the camera itself. Submitted by: (via Sport Cloud) Tagged: sports , employee , woman , FAIL , cameraman , pitch , baseball , first pitch , lol , camera Share on Facebook

Wildlife Specialist’s Informative Thread Explains Why Some Crows Kill Each Other

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Father’s Day Gift In Australia Goes Hilariously Wrong

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10+ People Share Satisfying Things That Are Actually Better Than Sex

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16 Hilarious Tumblr Family Stories Filled to the Brim with Dadisms

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Woman Has to Prove She’s Not Cheating Because of What Her BF Found in Toilet

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