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Best not to subject single friends to corrosion sex…

Italian Indoor Athletics Female Pole Vault Team Is A Sight For Sore Eyes

Oh, how did ya’ll end up here? The Italian Indoor Athletics female pole vaulting team is some kind of sight to behold. Maybe that’s why… Submitted by: (via spoops) Tagged: sports , gymnastics , awesome , Video , pole vault Share on Facebook

Guy Orders $90 Of Bread For His Family, Ends Up Cleaning His House With It

That low carb Julian Bakery bread is WAY more useful than you might ever have known. Yes, it’s spongelike consistency makes it a great household cleaner.  Submitted by: (via Cowboy Tom) Tagged: awesome , ridiculous , food , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Man Realizes He’s Been Sh*tting Wrong In The Middle Of A Podcast

Oh please let this be an act of trolling. There’s just no way.  Submitted by: (via Lobez) Tagged: FAIL , trolling , cringe , bathroom , ridiculous , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Guy’s Twitter Thread Ranking French Fry Combinations Goes Viral

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Guy Gets In A Row With Treasurer Who Can’t Comprehend Payment Plan

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34 Funny Yearbook Quotes That Made Us Glad We’re Not in School

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Millennial Proves Dumb Survey About Millennials Being Trash Cooks Is Dumb

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9 Times PornHub Legend Ryan Creamer Was A Mess Of Wholesome

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Announcer Hilariously Catches Foul Ball Himself

He’s out here doing everyone’s job! This announcer had a very proud moment when he got to announce himself catching a foul ball. He sure let everyone know how impressed he was with his performance. Submitted by: (via House of Highlights) Tagged: narration , foul , sports , announcer , catch , awesome , baseball , highlights , foul ball , funny , win , lucky Share on Facebook