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15 Utter Morons Who Ought to Have Their Own Darwin Awards

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These Cats Just Love To Snuggle

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I Can Has Cheezburger – Original Meme

famous cat meme which started and launched the website I Can Haz Cheezburger.

Forever Home

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Deep Cat

meme of a cat sitting where the cashier belongs at a store and lost in some deep thought about life and the meaning of the universe

Three Adorable Kitten Cry For Help, Luckily ‘Cat Man Chris’ Was There To Help

When these insanely adorable kittens came crying to a stranger for help, they came to the right person! Cat Man Chris is a crazy cat dad, and proud of it! You can follow him on Instagram for more kitty rescue stories!  Submitted by: (via Cat Man Chris) Tagged: aww , kitten , cute , help , kitty , rescue Share on Facebook

Animals In Zoos Are Getting Ice Lollies With Fruit During This Massive Heatwave Across Europe

animals cooling down in the Paris heatwave

Baby Seals Are The Cutest Thing Ever And These Photos Are Here To Prove it

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10 Comic Strips About What Cats Love The Best: 24/7 Napping

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