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When You Prefer To Go On a Romantic Dinner Date With Your Pet…

dog and owner on a date

You should see what puppies do…

23 Moments of Facepalm That No One Should Be Proud Of

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Michael Jai White Explains How To Effectively Throw Punches To Kimbo Slice

This might be the most important fighting instructional video on the internet. Michael Jai White teaches a true brawler Kimbo Slice (RIP) how to land the punch that nobody sees coming.  Submitted by: (via gilthecat) Tagged: michael jai white , punching , awesome , helpful , fight , advice , kimbo slice , Video Share on Facebook

Guy Asks Internet If He’s A Jerk For Calling His Co-Worker Chunky

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Horn Player Sneezes Into His Horn In The Middle Of A Song

Just the idea of this is hilarious. The timing couldn’t have been worse, and for that we have a glorious fail on our hands.  Submitted by: (via brebay) Tagged: Music , FAIL , horns , instrument , ridiculous , bad timing , Video Share on Facebook

Elon Musk Tweets About Occupying Mars But It’s Actually The Moon

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Gay Texans On Tumblr Bond Over Their Mothers’ Crucifix Decor

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Some Of Drinking’s Pros And Cons In 18 Images

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46 Funny and Weird Book Titles to Judge by Their Covers

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