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Jerk Neighbors Threaten To Hurt Guy’s Dog So He Plants 5000 Weeds In Their Garden

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Polygot Surprises Foreigners By Speaking Their Mother Tongue

So much respect to this guy’s mad language skills. The smiles on their faces was everything.  Submitted by: (via laoshu505000) Tagged: surprising , foreign , foreign language , reaction , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Smell the taste

29 Manipulative and Terrible Products and Ads Designed by the Devil

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19 Things That Continue To Frustrate People About Certain Movies

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The Very Best Of PornHub Legend Ryan Creamer (20 Images)

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Horribly Offbeat Church Drummer Gives An Unholy Performance

When they asked this guy if he wanted to practice before the show, he clearly put his faith in the Holy Ghost, and that did not work out in his favor. That or he’s an atheist and trying to sabotage this church performance with all he’s got.  Submitted by: (via Nick Green) Tagged: Music , FAIL , cringe , ridiculous , church , funny , Video Share on Facebook

10+ Things Americans Genuinely Do Better Than The Rest Of The World

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30 Dog Bios That Nailed People’s Personalities

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Millennials Pretend To Be Baby Boomers In Hilarious Facebook Group

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