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Billy, you can pull my finger when you’re 4…

Tumblr User Ends Up In "Porn Prison" After Buying "First Wives Club 2" Before Knowing It Was Porn

accidentally ordering porn

Man’s Sexist List Of 6 Steps To Keep A Man Is Right Out Of The 1950s

tweets about how sexist the 50's were

IT Guy Takes Revenge On Greedy New Boss By Quitting Job And Taking Source Code With Him

IT employee takes revenge on his bad boss and his henchman by getting them to sign off on his vacation, and then quitting and leaving with the source code.

27 Images of Weird Perspective that Produced Real-Life Optical Illusions

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19 People Share The Most Annoying Parts About Sex That Nobody Talks About

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20 Expectations Vs Reality And Other Times The World Cheated People

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Woman Drives Away From Cop Trying To Ticket Her, Kicks Him In The Groin And Gets Arrested

It’s all good, she’s a “country girl!”  Submitted by: (via KOCO 5 News) Tagged: cops , Criminally Dumb Criminal , FAIL , crime , ridiculous , stupid Share on Facebook

15 Times Liars Got Called Out for Their Ridiculous Dishonesty

person lying about seeing a rainbow car getting caught because they forgot to edit the reflection

Millennial Explains Difference Between Free And Affordable Education To Entitled Baby Boomer

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