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Meet you in the stairwell!

Woman’s Boss Confronts Her At Work For Not Shaving Her Legs

Woman asks people on Reddit if she was wrong for not shaving her legs for work, after her boss confronted her.

25 Decent Attempts That Took a Left Turn Into Failure

Attempts that turned into fails

Police Officers Share The Stupidest Laws They’ve Enforced Cause Someone Was An A-Hole

Police officers share stories of the stupidest laws they've enforced just because someone was being a proper jerk.

Robert Downey Jr.’s First Audition For Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. was next level in this audition. He was simply born to be Iron Man.  Submitted by: (via DUBBERS BROTHERS) Tagged: marvel , robert downey jr , actor , awesome , movies , superheroes , Video , win Share on Facebook

Swiss Women Eat Their Way Through New Orleans Perfectly Synced to Simpsons Sequence

If you’re gonna commit to doing a Simpsons scene in real life, this is probably one of the safer ones. These two Swiss women decided to recreate a foodstravaganza across New Orleans, and the result is pretty incredible. Submitted by: (via Katrin von Niederhäusern) Tagged: homer simpson , cool , tourists , Travel , simpsons , food , the simpsons , Video , new orleans Share on Facebook

Australians Relate To Culturally Accurate Australian Gothic Tumblr Thread

Australians relate to a culturally accurate Tumblr thread on Australian Gothic literature.

Flat Earther Tears Up What He Deems "Science Propaganda Book" In The Middle of Store

With commentary from SciManDan, we’re taken through an amazing journey as a flat earther rips up a children’s science book that he deems to be round earth propaganda in a Target. He buys the book anyway, so while he seems content with his incredibly limited world view, what he truly fears is the wrath of a Target manager watching him destroy product. Just kinda makes you sad. Submitted by: (via SciManDan) Tagged: Sad , flat earth , facts , cringe , books , dumb , stupid , store Share on Facebook

Artist Refuses To Give A Birthday Discount, Says It’s Their Birthday Too, Proposes Extra Charge

Artist refuses to give out a birthday discount, says it's their birthday too.

Things That Make People Say, "I Hate People" (31 Replies)

Things that make people say, "I hate people."