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This Group of Tough Tattooed Bikers Rescues Suffering Animals From Abusive Pet Owners

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Fake Service Dogs Called Out For Creating Real Problems For People That Have Disabilities

Tumblr post calls out fake service dogs for creating real problems for people with actual disabilities that need them.

Pokémon Company Awards Kid A Cheap Plastic Trophy That Breaks The Instant After He Receives It

Poor kid was crushed.  Submitted by: (via Twitch) Tagged: Pokémon , FAIL , kids , Video Game Coverage , ridiculous , video games , funny Share on Facebook

59 Times James Fridman Photoshop Trolled People’s Requests On Social Media

A collection of times that James Fridman hilariously trolled people's photoshop requests online.

Attempted Armed Robbery Busted By Cops

This guy had robbed 7 stores before this, and decided to test his luck again with an 8th miserably failed robbery attempt. Queue up the cops, justice, high fives, and laughs. Not this time, buddy!  Submitted by: (via Above Mercury) Tagged: Criminally Dumb Criminal , FAIL , crime , ridiculous , Video , robbery , stupid , police Share on Facebook

Jerry Seinfeld Repeatedly Turns Down Hug From Kesha

Jerry Seinfeld was having none of Kesha’s requests for a hug. A solid reminder to always ask someone before you try to give them a hug!  Submitted by: (via WTOP Radio) Tagged: Music , cringe , Awkward , jerry seinfeld , celeb , Video , kesha Share on Facebook

Rob Lowe Trolling His Sons On Instagram (19 Images)

Rob Lowe's sons love to troll him on Instagram over his pictures and captions.

Relatable and Dumb Times People "Invented" Things That Already Exist

Stories of times people thought of inventions that already exist.

Rage Quitters Share What Their Last Straws Were At Work

Redditors share what the last straw was for them at work before they rage quit their jobs.

Abusive Customer Refuses To Pay Deposit and Demands to Speak To Owner On Bereavement Leave, Gets Slammed

Rude customer abuses admin assistant, so the owner steps in.