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Artist Drew An Emotional And Beautiful Tribute For Her Beloved Cat And There’s Not A Dry Eye In Sight

art beautiful love cat tribute

17 Rats Cuddling Miniature Teddy Bears.. That’s All.

rats teddy bears miniature

Top 5 Cat Videos We Saw On Instagram This Week

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Owner Tries To Euthanized His Overweight Golden Retriever, Now The Dog Has A New Home And Lost Over 100lbs!

golden retriever dog overweight

Sean Astin Went Viral On Twitter Thanks To Photos Of Him Cuddling An Otter

sean astin otter twitter

Not The Dog This Time

cute picture of a duck sleeping on someone's calculator which is great excuse for not having your homework completed

Attention Please

cat with cute instructions that comes along with it for adoption purposes

Super Powers

area 51 memes about the who let the dogs out song

A Video Showcasing Small And Happy Kittens To Feed The Soul

Robin: ” hey mom cat do u want to play with this feather??” Mom cat: “nah I’m to old for this I have three children”Watch the cutest little family play and eat some delicious noms!  Submitted by: (via Robin Seplut) Tagged: aww , kitten , cute , Cats Share on Facebook

The "Cat Selfie" Device Will Help You Take a Good Selfie With Your Cat

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