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Guy Asks For Sexy Foot Pics From Girl In His Old Marching Band, She Overdelivers

Guy from girl's old marching band offers to pay her for sexy pics, and she overdelivers with ridiculous images.

A Practical Brief Guide

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How’s Adulting?

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Good Luck With That

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New Mom Has Patience Of A Saint Around Her Hyper Kittens

You might remember a video we recently shared featuring a limping mother who leads a man into the bushes to where her kittens were. This is the same mother and kittens and their story continues! Here you can see the 5 extremely hyperactive kittens playing and running around like man while their loving mother is being very, very patient with them. As the kittens fight with each other, mama cat seems to just be waiting for them to tire themselves out and settle down. All we know is that we love this family.  Submitted by: (via walter santi) Tagged: aww , youtube , kitten , mom , Cats , Video Share on Facebook Offers Free Guided City Walks With Plenty Of Pet Friendly Stops Along The Way

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Cats Who Found Peace By Becoming Friends With Statues


Non-Americans Share The Most Common Names For Dogs Around The World

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Amazon Carries A Life-Size Cat Butt Tissue Dispenser And It’s Marvelous

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Rollin’ In The Mud Good Boi Doggo Memes At Your Service (24 Memes)

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