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Further Proof That Living With Cats Is Never Boring (23 Pics)

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Mom, I run out dinner, can I go play?

Choosing Beggar Hungry For Free Money Won’t Accept The Free Groceries They "Need"

Choosing beggar desperately begs for free money to buy groceries and then won't accept free groceries offer when they actually receive it.

Influencer Chick Denies Staging A Motorcycle Accident To Promote Bottled Water

Instagram influencer denies accusations that she staged a motorcycle accident to promote bottled water.

Family Replaces Neighbor’s Gardens With Weeds After She Hammers Long Nails Into Their Fence

Family takes revenge on their terrible neighbor who drives long and dangerous nails into their fence.

Cursed Images From Our Dystopian Reality (15 Images)

A collection of cursed images that expose our dystopian reality for being super creepy and weird.

14-Year-Old’s Drum Cover of Slipknot’s ‘Unsainted’ is Metal AF

It amazes and scares us whenever we see a video of someone this young crushing it on the drums. Maren Alford is a young musician who already has more musical skill than most of us can hope to have. So here’s her cover off the recent Slipknot album. So anyway, if you wanted to feel bad about your own life prospects, then check this out.Kinda reminds us of how we felt when we saw this overqualified drummer who’s clearly at the wrong gig. Submitted by: (via Maren Alford) Tagged: WoW , Music , wtf , slipknot , drummer , amazing , young Share on Facebook

New Hire Wonders If They’re Wrong For Giving Coworkers Ludicrous Reasons for Their Missing Fingers

Person with three missing fingers gets annoyed by coworkers constantly asking how they lost them, so they make up crazy reasons.

Mad Lads Who Can’t Be Contained (20 Images)

A collection of mad lads who overreact and flaunt their small egos on social media.

Guy Gets Hired at Store, Never Gets Told to do Anything, Stays On for Months

Guy tells story of how when he was a teenager he was hired at a retail store. No one told him to do anything so he occupied his time, then got bored and left.