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Target, The Classier Walmart (24 Images)

A series of ridiculous and uncomfortable images proving that Target is in fact the classier version of Walmart.

Medical Professionals Share the Dumbest Things They’ve Had to Explain To People

Medical professionals share stories of times they had to explain basic medical knowledge to stupid people.

What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

dog memes - 9351662592

What Would You Do?

cat memes - 9351660544

Yeah, This Happened

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Owner Creates "Drivable" Cardboard Car For His Cat

All aboard the cat bus! This adorable cardboard box car doesn’t have an motor, it is being pulled with a string but looks awfully real, wouldn’t you say? Owner @ChikoChannel shared some valuable insight into the process of creating the car and the video: “What I actually did and noticed 1) It was more difficult than I thought to find just the right size parts. 2) This cardboard car has no brake lights. 3) Even if you try to put the cat in the car by force, the cat dislikes it. It is necessary to wait for that time” Submitted by: (via chiko channel) Tagged: youtube , cartoons , Cats , funny , cardboard , Video Share on Facebook

Animals That Were On The Brink Of Extinction And Are Now Thriving

amazing life of animals that make remarkable extinction comebacks

British Research Confirms: Cat Owners Stop Their Pets From Getting Into Trouble 1,350 Times a Year

Naughty cats

Photos That Say More Than Just a Thousand Words

Animal photo, girl sleeping with a tiger cub

British Farmer Becomes a Viral Tik Tok Sensation By Posting Pure Videos From His Farm

farmer cute farm farm animals Video animal video animals - 9108741