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Twitter Users Share Clues People Are Cheating (20 Tweets)

Twitter users share signs that there's cheating going on in a viral/trending hashtag on Twitter.

Woman Calls Co-Worker Unhealthy, Deluded, And Bitter After Rude Comments

Woman calls co-worker unhealthy, deluded, and bitter after some rude comments are made about her.

Actor With Holier-Than-Thou Attitude Messes With The Wrong Sound Crew

Actor gets played by a sound crew, as they set up speakers so that the whole audience can hear him using the restroom.

Unethical Business Practices That Are So Common No One Does Anything

Unethical business practices that are commonplace even though they're wrong.

Absolutely Stupid Reasons Kids Had Meltdowns

Pictures of kids throwing tantrums for illogical and dumb reasons.

Have You?

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Every. Time.

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Creative Solution

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Kittens Don’t Recognize Their Mothers Scent When Returning From The Clinic

The story of the limping mother and her 5 kittens continues! This time, their human savior, Walter Santi, took mama to go get spayed, but when they returned home (in the same day), something unusual happened. The kittens didn’t recognize their mom! When she returned from the clinic, her scent must have really confused them — they stayed away from her for the whole night!Thankfully, it didn’t last long as they were cuddling with mama come morning time. The suspenseful music really had our hearts in anticipation!  Submitted by: (via walter santi) Tagged: behavior , youtube , kitten , Cats , Video , animals Share on Facebook

New Survey Finds That 34% Of Pet Parents Prefer Their Furry Friends Over Their Kids

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