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He Tried…

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What Did He Do?

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My Life

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Cat Becomes One With His Feathered Chicken Friends

According to YouTuber ‘White House on the Hill, this cat is one of five barncats who has been banished from the clowder.But fear not, he now lives with the chickens and is pretty darn happy living amongst his new feathered friends! If you’re looking for more cat content, there’s 200 of the best cat memes of the decade right here!  Submitted by: (via White House on the Hill) Tagged: youtube , cute , chickens , Cats , funny , Video , barncats Share on Facebook

Indulge Your Cat With Home Made Thanksgiving Treat Recipes

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Meet Nessa, The Tiniest Cavalier, Who Looks Like a Plush Toy

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Rain Frogs Have The Grumpiest Face Ever

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Secrets To Being a Cat (25 Comic Strips)

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Cat Bellies: Floofy, Sleepy, And 100 Percent Irresistible

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Thirty-Two Feline Good Caturday Memes

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