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I’m not really religious…

Dakota Johnson Calls Ellen Out For Lying

Takes some guts calling Ellen out on her own show like that! Submitted by: (via TheEllenShow) Tagged: dakota johnson , cringe , lying , celeb , ellen degeneres , Video Share on Facebook

CEO Gives Away 10 Million Dollars As Christmas Gifts To Employees

Well isn’t this the most beautiful and wholesome Christmas moment we’ve ever seen.  Submitted by: (via Inside Edition) Tagged: wholesome , employee , awesome , Video , holidays , win Share on Facebook

Twitter User Has Bold New Strategy For Handling Fitted Sheets

Twitter user suggests a bold new strategy for handling fitted sheets.

Guy Totals Car Attempting a Donut, Tries to Laugh It Off

If we did something this stupid on camera, we’d probably try to act casual and save face too. The real question is whether or not most of us would do something this stupid. Or maybe he’s just in shock and glad that he’s alive. Submitted by: (via insomniscient) Tagged: FAIL , accident , cars , car accident , dumb , laughing , crash , Video , stupid Share on Facebook

Awkward and Weird Gifts People Received

Strange, weird and awkward gifts people got.

Heartfelt Story Behind Train Station Voice Is A Feels Trip

Guy tells heartfelt story of voice behind a particular train station.

Guy’s Cardboard Signs Are Hilariously Accurate

A collection of very funny cardboard signs from a guy about the different parts of life.

Teacher Fails A Student On The Last Day Of Class

Teacher decides to fail a student on the last day of class, and asks people on Reddit whether they were a jerk for doing so.

People’s Most Embarrassing Moments

A collection of AskReddit replies to people's most embarrassing moments in life.