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Jerk Driver Messes Up Bicyclist, Gets Hit Back In The Wallet

story about cyclist getting hit by car then winning the lawsuit

20 Twitter Users Share Their Biggest Car Fails

Twitter users share their biggest driving fails.

Guy Complies with Unfair Printing Fee by Using Every Printer at Once

malicious compliance of printer fees

Kind Customer Service Guy Solves Widow’s Nightmare of a Bill

Sad customer service phone call emotional cable bill story money - 8940037

Guy Gets Back At Loud Partying Neighbors By Locking Their Cars Up On His Property

neighbor, revenge, win, satisfying, awesome

Uber Driver Helps Woman Escape The Clutches Of A Creepy Nice Guy

Uber driver shows up to pick up woman in the middle of a bad date with a creepy nice guy, and pretends to be her boyfriend.

Barbara Walters’ Incredibly Creepy Response To Cory Feldman Admitting Rampant Pedophilia In Hollywood

“You’re damaging an entire industry!”A bit of a harrowing flashback to that time when Cory Feldman was in the middle of an ABC interview, admitting to rampant pedophilia in Hollywood, when Barbara Walters’ unleashed one very creepy and inappropriate response to what Feldman was saying.  Submitted by: (via monkeymjj) Tagged: cory feldman , movies , barbara walters , hollywood , pedophiles , interview Share on Facebook

Groom Angry At Brother For Getting Tattooed Before His Wedding Cause It’ll Distract People

Groom gets mad at brother for getting tattooed before his wedding because it will distract people.

20 Times Women Tried To Buy A Car/Item From A Sexist

Women on AskReddit share times they ended up buying a car/item from a seller who was sexist.

24 of Internet of Sh*t’s Technological Fails That Make Reality Seem Like a Crappy Dystopia

Technology fails from twitter.