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Ryan Reynolds is the Parent We All Need

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10 Superheroes Whose Amazing Powers Would End Up Making Them Full On Sex Gods


Hot and Busty Bikini Model Slaps the Living Sh*t Out of Man For Groping Her Ass On Live TV

You had butt one job to do, you depraved simeon: somehow lucky enough to apply supple amounts of sunscreen to women with the kind of curves and bodacious bosoms that surely sent a lot of the audience’s blood rushing to funny places, this thirsty bro couldn’t control himself. This is what it looks like when you let too much of the wrong head do all the thinking. Let’s just say he got what was coming to him.  Submitted by: (via Funny Local News) Tagged: FAIL , Awkward , model , slapping , sunscreen , Video , swimsuit Share on Facebook

A Hearty Dose of 47 Wholesome Memes to Cure Your Case of the Mondays


Oh Hell Yeah: Sean Spicer Wrote a Letter to the Editor of His College Newspaper After They Called Him "Sean Sphincter"

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Internet Gets Broken By A Massive Fail at 89th Academy Awards That Resulted In La La Land Being Mistaken For Oscar Winner

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Guy Quits Crappy Job With Hilariously Brutal Resignation Letter


Guy Complains About Getting Fired for Bullshit Reason on Facebook, Proceeds to Get Rightfully Called Out


Guy’s Dad Sends Him Hilarious Dad Jokes Every Saturday, and I Want This Guy to Be My Dad Now

This Dude Makes 135 Yard Putt and, Yeah, That’s Pretty Impressive

Golf is one of those things that takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. So you can imagine how annoying it is to watch this dude nail a 135 yard, world-record breaking putt. If it takes a lifetime to master, shouldn’t this guy be 100 or something. Either way, Australian YouTubers How Ridiculous nailed a 395-foot putt, which actually beat the previous Guinness World Record by about 10 feet. Pretty incredible.  Submitted by: (via How Ridiculous) Tagged: golf Share on Facebook