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Woman’s Nasty Life Hack For Houseguests She Hates Goes Viral

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15 Pics of Trashy People And Things That We Scraped From Rock Bottom

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James Blunt Masterfully Trolls John Mayer Years Later With Hilarious Tweet

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Guy Gets Demolished After Insensitive Tweet About Lara Croft Actress

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This "Steamed Hams" "Feel Good Inc" Crossover Will Make You Want to Seymour

The Simpsons iconic “Steamed Hams” scene has seen many remixes, a sample of which you can see here. This one is the most recent masterpiece. Submitted by: (via NPCarlsson) Tagged: Gorillaz , Music , simpsons , the simpsons , remix , funny , win Share on Facebook

Racist Woman Goes On Crazy Rant

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Trump Tells Steelworker His Dad’s Looking Down On Him, Except For One HUGE Problem

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Trump’s Violence In Video Games Video Gets Roasted To The Extreme

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Disgusted Woman Live Tweets Her Flight From Hell

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44 Thought Provoking Fun Facts That’ll Leave You Reeling

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