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Employee Humiliates Himself By Talking Like Smeagol At New Job

An employee embarrasses himself by talking like Smeagol in front of his coworkers at his job.

Gym Guest Calls Employee Robotic, They Show Up As Robot

Gym guest calls an employee robotic, so they show up in an actual robot costume.

Stories of Actors Who Got Cast to Play Non-Gorgeous People

Actors who get cast as ugly people.

Uncle Wonders If He’s Wrong To Question 25 Year Age Gap in Niece’s Relationship

Guy asks internet if he's wrong for questioning his 22 year old niece's 47 year old boyfriend uncomfortable questions.

Mad Lads That Brought Utter Insanity To The World

A collection of guys acting like total psychos online.

Hilarious Teacher Tweets That Capture The Job’s Chaos

A collection of funny tweets about being a teacher that capture the chaotic nature of the job.

Boxing Coach Is The Greatest Demotivational Speaker Ever

He insults people and they actually pay him for it. What a job!  Submitted by: (via EricKellysLeftEye) Tagged: sports , FAIL , boxing , ridiculous , demotivational , Video Share on Facebook

Man Offers Woman $5 A Meal For Her Cooking, People Call Him Creepy

Man offers a woman $5 a meal for her cooking, and people on Reddit label him creepy.

Supergirl CGI Looks Like A 2000’s Video Game Cut Scene

They're not as prepared as they thought. Stream a new episode free only on The CW App: #Supergirl— Supergirl (@TheCWSupergirl) October 28, 2019 The budget must be tight over there, cause these are some PS2 cut scene looking graphics.  Submitted by: (via @thecwsupergirl) Tagged: twitter , FAIL , Video Game Coverage , social media , ridiculous , video games , video game logic , supergirl Share on Facebook

Twitter Users React To "Ok Boomer" Going Viral

A collection of Twitter users react to "Ok Boomer" phrase about the generation going viral.