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Guy Asks For Sexy Foot Pics From Girl In His Old Marching Band, She Overdelivers

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Choosing Beggar Hungry For Free Money Won’t Accept The Free Groceries They "Need"

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Cursed Images From Our Dystopian Reality (15 Images)

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14-Year-Old’s Drum Cover of Slipknot’s ‘Unsainted’ is Metal AF

It amazes and scares us whenever we see a video of someone this young crushing it on the drums. Maren Alford is a young musician who already has more musical skill than most of us can hope to have. So here’s her cover off the recent Slipknot album. So anyway, if you wanted to feel bad about your own life prospects, then check this out.Kinda reminds us of how we felt when we saw this overqualified drummer who’s clearly at the wrong gig. Submitted by: (via Maren Alford) Tagged: WoW , Music , wtf , slipknot , drummer , amazing , young Share on Facebook