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Sh*t Moms Say In Facebook Groups (10 Images)

A collection of funny insights from moms saying stupid stuff in Facebook groups.

Firefighters Reveal The Dumbest People They’ve Saved In Stupid Situations

Firefighters reveal the dumbest people they've saved from stupid situations.

A Handy Supernatural Guide to Exploring Abandoned Churches

A tumblr list guide if all the supernaturally creepy things in a haunted abandoned church.

Disgruntled Employees Stage Walkout In Protest Against Micromanaging President

Exasperated employees organize a walkout in protest against a micromanager president, and it goes successfully for them.

Pastor’s Time Slot Accidentally Switched With Comedian, Audience Laughs Their Ass Off

In 2009 John Piper was mistakenly switched with a comedian’s intended time slot, and the audience assumed everything he was saying was deadpan humor. What a wonderful case of cringe.  Submitted by: (via TheologyJeremy) Tagged: religion , cringe , Awkward , pastor , comedy , ridiculous , comedian Share on Facebook

Bootleg Costumes With Creative Loophole Names

Funny costumes names that avoid infringing copyright law.

Guy’s Interaction With We Rate Dogs On Twitter Comes Full Circle

Guy's interaction with We Rate Dogs on Twitter comes full circle.

Things That Only Losers Brag About

AskReddit users share things that they believe only losers brag about.

Guy Takes Nuclear Revenge On Scumbag Catfish Thief

Guy and his buddy take nuclear revenge on catfish thief.

Wildly Trashy Moments That Belong Deep In A Landfill

Wtf images of trashy moments and selfish behavior.