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Guy’s Best Mate Gets Fired, Blamed For Theft, Business Gets Shut Down

Guy's friend gets fired and blamed for theft, so business ends up getting shut down.

Two Painfully Close "Price Is Right" Overbids in a Row

“The Price is Right” has a strong place in our hearts, probably since it’s been what we watched when we were home sick our entire lives. Anyway here are two sadness-inducing overbids that were so close that it feels unfair. Submitted by: (via BuzzerBlog) Tagged: Sad , FAIL , so close , cringe , the price is right , painful , gameshow , funny Share on Facebook

Twitter Users Troll Boomers To Oblivion With "Advice"

A collection of Twitter users troll baby boomers with various pieces of "advice."

George Foreman Dents Punching Bag With Insane Strength

Just imagine if George Foreman accidentally struck the bag holder in the hands. His punches look as powerful as lightning strikes.  Submitted by: (via Rainy Day Boxing) Tagged: impressive , cool , sports , awesome , athlete , boxing , ridiculous , Video Share on Facebook

Chill Vegan Explains Silliness Of Lawsuit Against Burger King

Vegan customer sues Burger King because they claim the "Impossible Burger" was contaminated.

Outlandish Lies that Kids Told Other Kids

Tweets of outrageous lies kids told each other.

Guy’s Ex Lies About Him Cheating, He Outs Her

Guy's ex-girlfriend lies about him cheating on her, so he outs her as homosexual.

Christmasy Tale Of Choosing Beggar’s Quest For Free Journal

A Christmas-themed tale of an entitled woman's quest for a free coffee shop journal.

Guy’s Sexist Boss Forbids Him from Taking Credit for His Work, Backfires on Her

Reddit story of a guys sexist boss who forbid him from talking to management.

AskReddit User Explains Why Men Don’t Enjoy Fictional Romances As Much

AskReddit user explains in detail why men don't enjoy historical romances as much as women.