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Obvious Things People Realized Way Too Late

People tell stories of basic information they realized way too late in life.

Entitled Folks Who Need to Leave and Take Their Attitudes with Them

Choosing beggars, insane rude cheapskates and annoying entitled people.

Entitled Classmate Steals Notes, Gets Tricked Into Copying Fake Notes

An entitled classmate copies fake notes

Passionate Dad Pops Off Over Turkey Being Cooked In Microwave

This dad is a whole Thanksgiving mood. The pain in his voice is unforgettable. He’s probably just imagining what it would be like to take a bite out of a turkey that was cooked in the microwave!  Submitted by: (via Frankie Fardette) Tagged: thanksgiving , freakout , parenting , dad , angry , ridiculous , accent , funny , Video , boston Share on Facebook

Guy Invents Revolutionary Repeating Bow

It’s honestly surprising that this wasn’t invented centuries ago!  Submitted by: (via JoergSprave) Tagged: impressive , cool , awesome , amazing , archery , Video , win Share on Facebook

Build-A-Bear Employees Describe Their Weirdest Customers

A collection of Build-A-Bear employees describe their strangest interactions with customers.

Frustrated Flight Attendant Handily Deals with Problem Flyer

Story of flight attendant getting revenge on horrible customer.

Rare Insults That Struck People To Their Core

A collection of brutal and rare insults that messed people up from the comments section.

Good Questions To Ask During Job Interviews

A collection of helpful advice to ask during job interviews.

Family’s Christmas Vampire Tradition Is Epic

A wholesome story about a family's strange Christmas tradition with a vampire toy.