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Guy Alphabetically Tunes His Guitar, Still Riffs Like A Boss

It’s a true mystery that he made this one work and intentionally tuning his guitar the wrong way.  Submitted by: (via ichika Nito) Tagged: impressive , guitar , cool , Music , talented , Video , win Share on Facebook

Guy Infiltrates The Biggest Pyramid Scheme In His City

The hero the city deserved! A solid display in the power of investigative journalism.  Submitted by: (via Always Marco) Tagged: mlm , pyramid scheme , ridiculous , Video , win Share on Facebook

Twitter Users Share Stories Of Carrying On After Getting Food And Drink Wrong

Twitter users share their biggest and grossest food mishaps.

Twitter Reacts To McDonald’s Introducing Its First Plant-Based Burger

Twitter users react to McDonald's introducing the plant-based burger called the "PLT."

The Dumbest Things People Had To Explain Adults

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Dirty Tinder Pickup Lines With Zero Shame

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People share the dumbest things they did while their brains were on auto-pilot.

Extreme Trashy Moments That Erupted from The Dump

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Unprofessional Times People Messed Up Their One Job

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Coworker’s Atrocious Vegan Lasagna Gets Shredded By Triggered Twitter Users

roasting a vegan lasagna