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Tired Dogs in Awkward Sleeping Positions

Dogs in awkward sleeping positions.

Impressive Towel Arrangements that Deserve a Shower of Praise

Fun and cool animal towel arrangements.

Choosing Beggar Gets Dealt Swift Burn

Girl asking for free handouts gets dealt a swift roast on Twitter.

The Winners And Losers Of Tinder

A collection of Tinder's winners and losers that tried out a variety of pickup lines.

Unfortunate Moments That Added Chaos to People’s Lives

Unfortunate moments of failures, messes and mistakes.

People That Were Blown Away By Their Own Stupidity

A collection of people that were blown away by their own acts of stupidity.

Dumb Mistranslated Tattoos and Shirts that People Witnessed

Mistranslations and tattoo fails people saw.

Unfortunate Applicant’s Shoes Crumble Apart During Job Interview

Guy's shoes fall apart during job interview.

The Wonders Of Trolling On Craigslist (3 Images)

Guy trolls stranger looking for a cat on Craigslist.

Tumblr Thread Explains How The Color Magenta Technically Doesn’t Exist

Informative tumblr thread on how magenta and other colors are just your brain guessing.