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White Woman Whines That She Was "Lectured About Slavery" In Her 2-Star Review Of A Plantation

twitter social media ridiculous reviews racism FAIL - 8999429

Woman Bails On Funeral Of Her Boyfriend’s Mom For Vacation, Internet Tears Her A New One

woman asks reddit is she's a bad person for not going to boyfriend's mom's funeral

Terrence Howard’s Insane Emmy’s Interview

Terrence Howard believes that gravity is only an effect and not a force. He’s putting something on YouTube where he will build a planet without gravity. My dude, what is this guy on right now? Holy hell.  Submitted by: (via KTLA 5) Tagged: crazy , wtf , emmys , actors , terrence howard , ridiculous , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Rob Lowe’s Son Throwing Shade (15 Images)

Rob Lowe's son throwing shade his way on various Instagram posts.

Women Share Things That Men Always Seem To Overreact About

Women share things that they think men always overreact about.

Bad Stock Photos of People’s Jobs are Terrifically Inaccurate

People on Twitter share inaccurate stock photos of what their jobs look like.

Selfish Cheapskates Whose Boldness Knows No Shame

Cheap people selling and buying stuff and also demand free things.

Boss Instructs Employee To Guard Spill, So He Does It for Hours

Guy's boss tells him to stand by spills so he does that for a very long time.

Stuff Deaf People Were Surprised Made A Sound (Or Didn’t)

Things deaf people thought made a sound or didn't.

26 Huge Green Flags That Are Often Overlooked

signs someone is a decent person