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Blursed Images That Are Both Blessed And Cursed

A collection of blessed and cursed images.

Tucker Carlson Interviews Man Against The Metric System

The stupidity is beyond measure. Literally.  Submitted by: (via CNN Politics Networks) Tagged: tucker carlson , news , FAIL , metric system , ridiculous , Video Share on Facebook

Baby Boomer Advice That Aged Miserably

Twitter users share various pieces of baby boomer advice that didn't age well.

Wrong Way Bicyclist Hits Jaywalking Guy, They Decide It Cancels Out

This bicyclist, who was going the wrong way, hit a pedestrian who wasn’t using the crosswalk. There’s an argument to be made about who was more wrong, but these guys didn’t have it. They had a very short conversation about their predicament and went their separate ways. Submitted by: (via Thomas Mason) Tagged: pedestrians , bicycle , accident , hit , ridiculous , bike , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Twitter Users Share Their All Time Favorite Burns

A collection of twitter users share their favorite roasts.

Ridiculous Stuff Mom Groups Say Online

A collection of ridiculous sayings from mom groups on Facebook.

Guy Steals $400 Worth Of Gas, Marina Worker Gets Last Laugh

Marina worker gets $400 worth of gas stolen from them, but an idiot returns and gets caught by the cops.

Trashy Moments That Belong On Garbage Island

Moments of selfishness and extreme trashiness.

Bill, The Tinder Profile We’ve Been Waiting For

Bill, a joke tinder account that's strange and funny.

Things That Are Okay to Do But Still Feel Illegal

Things that are okay to do but feel illegal.