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Staples Logo Reveal Is Utterly Ridiculous

Someone had to get rid of some extra budget in a real hurry. If you’ve every seen this much hype for a goddamn office supply company we’d like to see that over the top bullshit. My god it’s over a minute long. All this for a staple. Submitted by: (via _Json_) Tagged: office supplies , over the top , staples , pomp , hyper , hype , dumb , Video , stupid Share on Facebook

A Combination Of Peculiar Bookmarks

A combination of peculiar bookmarks on Twitter.

Kids Being Little Cretins (14 Images)

A collection of images showing kids being difficult and emotional little monsters.

Marine Catches His Girlfriend Cheating By Using Fake Facebook Profile

She’s plain old heartless.  Submitted by: (via daniel herdklotz) Tagged: military , relationships , cheating , marines , army , Video , dating Share on Facebook

Passenger Ditches His 5 Year Old In Coach, So Dude Teaches Kid Swear Words

A dad leaves his young child in coach with a stranger, so the guy teaches the kid swear words.

Conspiracy Theory Argues The World Actually Ended In 2012

A crazy conspiracy theory gets broken down in Twitter thread that argues that the world actually ended in 2012.

Tinder Wins and Fails That Ended In Heartbreak and Puns

Funny Tinder fails and wins.

Karen Wants $1K Cash For $10 Coupon Sent To Wrong Address, Pays More In Legal Fees

Karen wants $1,000 cash for a $10 coupon sent to the wrong address. She ends up paying more in legal fees.

Neighbor’s Land-Grabby Attitude Leaves Him With Missing Vehicles and A Ruined Yard

Gramps has a mean neighbor who illegally takes land from protected lands, and the county takes that land back.

Naked CT Scanner Going Full Speed With Insides Exposed

What’s really incredible is how quiet the thing is! Submitted by: (via Morten Hjordt) Tagged: cool , technology , awesome , cat scan , win Share on Facebook