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Unfortunate Moments That Gave People Grief

Unfortunate events and moments.

Old Landlord Refuses To Do Repairs, Ends Up Going Bankrupt

Old landlord refuses to do repairs and ends up going bankrupt after being reported.

The Dumbest App/Program Ideas Ever Proposed

Developers share the dumbest app and program ideas they've ever had proposed to them.

Plane Hero Pressures Smelly Dude Into Putting His Shoes Back On

Guy blocks a stinky passenger from going to the bathroom until he puts his shoes back on.

Rare Insults That Destroyed People’s Souls

A collection of rare insults that were creative and absolutely ruthless.

Twitter User Tells Horror Story About Man Living In House’s Vents

Twitter user tells a horrifying story about a mysterious man living in the house's vents.

Excruciating Moments Of Tech Support Gore

Ridiculous moments of tech support failure.

Religious Nut Job Parents Disapprove Of Son’s Girlfriend

Religious nut job parents disapprove of their son's girlfriend, who loves anime conventions.

Unfortunate Times Everyday Life was Derailed by Chaos

Mistakes, fails, and unlucky moments that suck.

Kid’s Rapping Flow Is Absolutely Insane

This kid’s a prodigy.  Submitted by: (via JARV) Tagged: impressive , surprising , awesome , rapping , win Share on Facebook