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Be the Eye in the Sky With the Ridiculously Tiny SKEYE Nano Drone

Super tiny drone with camera let's you be the 'eye in the sky.'

Guy Shows His Girlfriend How Obnoxious It is to Take Her Picture at Coachella

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This Dude’s Passive Aggressive Relationship Advice Is Absolutely Hilarious

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Fox News’ Jessee Watters Is Getting Torn Apart For a Perceived Blowjob Joke About Ivanka Trump

Fox News' Jesse Watters is getting torn apart for perceived sex joke about Ivanka Trump.

10 Glorious Awkward Tinder Moments That Deserve Places in Hall of Cringe Fame

Ten hilarious tinder conversations full of cringeworthy funniness.

29 Ridiculous Moments and Quotes From ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

It's always sunny in Philadelphia quotes and moments

29 PornHub Comments That are as Ridiculous as They are Insightful


The Rare Self Cross-Check

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People Are Going Insane Trying to Find The Snake In This Pile of Leaves

People are trying to find the camouflage snake in this pile of leaves and it's very difficult.

10 of the Most Cringey Oversharers on Facebook

facebook fails with people sharing way too much for social media