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20 Things That Are Classy if You’re Hot and Creepy if You’re Not

Things That Are Classy if You're Hot and Creepy if You're Not

Students Pull Hilarious Prank and Pretend to Be A Professor on the First Day of Class

Students Pull a Prank and Pretend to Be A Professor on the First Day of Class

20 Cringe-Inducing Tattoo Fails That’ll Hurt Your Soul

20 cringe-inducing tattoo fails that will make you very uncomfortable.

Chick Goes Crazy On Ex Boyfriend After His Near Death Experience

Girl goes crazy on her ex-boyfriend after his near death experience in insane texting rant.

Waiter Displays Insane Vocal Talent

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This Hilarious Model Who Lost Her Arm In Accident Is Our New Favorite Twitter Personality

Model who lost her arm in a moped accident is our new, favorite Twitter personality .

Man Fails During Idiotic Attempt To Remove A Hornet’s Nest

This undoubtedly is the WORST way to try and remove a hornets nest. Don’t try this at home.  Submitted by: (via Rumble) Tagged: nest , FAIL , bees , hornets Share on Facebook

22 Tweets That Perfectly Capture the Emotional Rollercoaster of Dating Someone

Tweets that capture the emotional roller coaster of dating someone.

29 Strange Fun Facts To Keep Your Mind Entertained With New Knowledge

Strange WTF facts to keep your brain entertained this evening.

15 Bizarre Newspaper Headlines That Left Us Laughing and Confused

15 funny newspaper headlines that left us confused and laughing.