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23 People Share What They Wish They Knew Before Getting Married

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Moron Pretending To Be U.S. Soldier Gets Called Out For Bullsh*t Threat

Moron pretending to be a U.S. soldier gets called out for his stupid threat on Instagrammer's post.

Doctor Shares Twitter Thread About Asking Dying Kids Their Favorite Parts About Life

Doctor starts Twitter thread about what dying kids shared was their favorite parts of life.

20 Of The Luckiest People To Walk The Planet

Some of the luckiest people ever share their stories when everything seemed to work out perfectly.

Psycho Woman Tears Up A KFC After Failing To Pay For Food

This twenty-year-old woman out of Adelaide, South Australia went and unleashed destructive mayhem on a KFC after her failed bank transfer to pay for her food. It’s reported that cops eventually showed up and arrested her, but not before she spat on them. We can only wonder what compelled this kind of rage-riddled insanity.  Submitted by: (via ViralHog) Tagged: customer service , crazy , rage , wtf , public freakout , freakout , kfc Share on Facebook

31 Award-Winningly Bad First Lines to Novels

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Crazy Flat Earther Has Intense Confrontation With Starbucks Employee

This Flat Earther got it in himself to confront a NASA employee who was minding his own business, and proceeds to harass him to such an extent he is asked to leave.  Submitted by: (via News Hashmi) Tagged: employee , public freakout , Starbucks , confrontation , flat earther , Video Share on Facebook

Ryan Reynolds Trolled His Mom Perfectly For Mother’s Day

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10 Simpletons Who Believed the Onion Will Make You Want to Stay in Bed Until They Die

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8 Savage Ways Cheaters Were Exposed For Being The Worst

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