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10 Times Ryan Reynolds Gifted The World A+ Witticisms And Banter

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10 Long Haul Truckers Share Their Creepiest Experiences On The Road

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Vegan Tumblr User Arguing If Fish Are Animals Or Not Will Make Your Brain Cry

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Expelled Plagiarizer Tries to Sue for Refund from Guy Who Helped Him Cheat

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Man’s Simple But Hilariously Infuriating Tape Prank On His Buddy Is Absolute Gold

Minimal effort with maximum reward! He spoke far too soon when he called him out for not getting him again.  Submitted by: (via BrySi – Video Game Songs) Tagged: trolling , prank , ridiculous , reaction , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Car Vs Excavator Ends In Absolutely Ridiculous Act Of Instant Karma

Russian screaming and cars getting crushed? It’s a wild winter wonderland out there.  Submitted by: (via ViralHog) Tagged: instant karma , FAIL , cars , excavator , ridiculous , funny , Video Share on Facebook

25 Wacky Times Obvious Plant Products Planted Laughter in Our Lives

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15+ Disturbing Facts That You Cannot Unlearn

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17 Brilliant Da Vincis Whose Monolithic Minds Make Yours Look Like a Can of Idiot Beans

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10 Forbidden Things That Look Like Meat But Definitely Aren’t

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