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Manicurist Responds To Customer Who Can’t Believe She Has A Social Life

Manicurist responds to a choosing beggar who can't believe she was out shopping and having a social life.

The Laziest Things People Have Ever Done

People share the laziest things they've ever done.

Guy Gives Rundown On Experience With Incredibly Convincing Scammer

Guy does step-by-step of how he almost fell for a scam.

Manager Doesn’t Know What A Computer Is, Throws Away Forty of Them

A stupid boss doesn't know what computers are and asks to have them removed from the office.

Tumblr Thread Imagines Alien Invasion Being Fought Off By Wildlife

Creative Tumblr thread imagines an alien invasion being fought off by the earth's wildlife.

Woman’s Co-Worker Criticizes Her For Wearing Bikini On Work Trip

Woman's co-worker criticizes her for wearing a bikini on a work trip.

Boss Strangles Employee, Gets Fired And Loses Everything

An evil, narcissistic boss tries to strangle employee, ends up getting fired and losing everything.

Awkward and Funny Times Old People Showed Their Age on Facebook

Old people on Facebook

Hippos Easily Chomping Watermelons To Bits

So much power. This is oddly satisfying to watch. With a bite force of 8,100 newtons it’s really no wonder that hippos can absolutely crush watermelons.  Submitted by: (via ABC News) Tagged: impressive , cool , hippos , awesome , interesting , ridiculous , Video Share on Facebook

Hidden Camera Footage Of Mormon Temple Ritual

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!  Submitted by: (via NewNameNoah) Tagged: wtf , religion , mormons , ritual , church , weird Share on Facebook