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23 Shamelessly Ridiculous Gym Fails To Motivate You To Be A Couch Potato

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Man With Insanely Cool Voice Shows That A Bee Doesn’t Always Die When It Stings Someone

Meanwhile, I’m scared of anything that can both fly and sting.  Submitted by: (via Arvin Pierce) Tagged: insects , bees , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Blake Anderson’s Impression Of A Nice Guy

This is why Blake Anderson’s a famous actor, and we aren’t.  Submitted by: (via x3r0sl0w) Tagged: workaholics , nice guys , blake anderson , Video Share on Facebook

11 Powerfully Resplendent Moments Of Accidental Renaissance

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18 Teachers Share The Things They Want Their Students To Know But Would Never Tell Them In Person

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10 Victorious Times Justice Was Served In This Wild World

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Tumblr Thread Explores History Of One Of America’s Most Heroic Marshalls

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Freeloader Trying To Get Her Artist Friend To Work For Free Loses Her Sh*t When Things Don’t Go Her Way

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Twitter Shares What Their Trashy Selves Used to Think Was Fancy

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18 Regret-Filled People Share Their Cringiest High School Moments

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