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Talented Guy Is Stupid Good At Flying A Drone

I’m pretty sure I just saw that drone piss its pants, when the lion swiped right. But seriously, this guy’s got mad skills! Highly enjoyable video, with some sick shots. I’d check his channel here for more awesome, if you like this video! Submitted by: (via Johnny FPV) Tagged: skills , technology , awesome , drones , Video , win Share on Facebook

NFL Analyst Fumbles Hard When He’s Asked an Unscripted Question

Don’t you dare ask Charley Casserly a question without running it by him first. Any attempt will be met with anger and a hard reset, even if it’s live. Holy crap this dude doesn’t even know they’re on the air. Either way, we’re grateful for any error on live tv, like this one. Submitted by: (via Monica TV) Tagged: question , live , nfl , angry , football , mad , interview , funny Share on Facebook

Brave Couple Asks To Get Roasted And Reddit Incinerates Them With Fiery Words

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15 Complete Lies Our Parents Crammed into Our Heads

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Mom And Her Painting Inspires Artists To Start A Wholesomely Hilarious Movement On Twitter

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Twitter Debates Whether Billionaires Have Ever Worked Harder Than People Who Clean Toilets

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Twitter Rages Against Marvel For Using Stan Lee’s Twitter Account To Promote Captain Marvel

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12 Sassy Tweets From The Last Blockbuster That (Thankfully) Won’t Quit

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Ship Falling To The Wrong Side

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Guy Humiliates Girl By Misunderstanding Her Simple Request

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