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Enjoy These Heart Shaped Pizza Fails In 30 Minutes Or Less

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Wife Of The Year Puts Cheater In His Place On Facebook

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Crazy Health Site Claims Coconut Oil Cures Alzheimer’s, Gets Promptly Called Out on Facebook

Health site makes status on Facebook about coconut oil curing Alzheimer's and gets properly called out on Facebook.

News Anchor Can’t Stop Laughing At Bison Hump Day

News anchor gets a laugh attack while reading a story on Bison Hump Day. Submitted by: (via Funny Avenue) Share on Facebook

11 Inedible Forbidden Snacks People Wish They could Eat

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All These Combined Might Equal One Pull-Up

Absolutely zero pull-ups were completed during the recording of this video. Submitted by: harrytipper2 (via flyingjibberish) Tagged: FAIL , cringe , exercise , weights , Video Share on Facebook

14 Intelligently Designed Church Signs

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Car Crash Behind Reporter During Report On Safe Driving

A car spun out and crashed into a tree behind a reporter during a live shot about safe driving in Atlanta. Submitted by: (via NewsFunnies) Share on Facebook

Dude’s Operations Manager Pulls Off Historically Lazy, Yet Amazing Command

Guy shares ridiculous story of his operations manager pulling off a ridiculously lazy command.

12 Cringeworthy Idiots Who Will Make You Facepalm

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