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He ded.

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23 Massively Entertaining Wrong Number Texts

Collection of funny times that people texted the wrong number.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Father’s Day Prank Was Sweet Perfection and Scared the Piss Out of Dads Everywhere

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Truck vs. Train

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cute puppy carrying a bucket falls into a pool

That was unexpected…

dog jumps on a kid in a pool

32 Tweets That Perfectly Capture the Silent, Endless Struggle of Introverts

twitter talking conversation introverts

19 Extremely Awkward Marriage Proposal FAILs


21 Tiny FAILs That Made a World of Difference

Collection of facts about tiny mistakes that ended up making huge differences to the final outcome.

That is NOT where I would want to have a treadmill burn…

guy falls on a treadmill and hits his face