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Afternoon Awesome: 30 Memes for the Afternoon Grind

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20 Times WeRateDads Was On The Money With Brutally Honest Reviews


Girl’s Phone Dies, Crazy Boyfriend Proceeds to Have Full-Fledged Emotionally Trainrekt Mental Breakdown


Scott Van Pelt Savagely Asks Tiger Woods About Receding Hairline, Tiger Proceeds To Verbally Shit On Himself

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New Video Shows How Mexican Journalist Pulled Off Tom Brady Super Bowl Jersey Theft

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Michigan College Dude Creates Amazing Dating-Tailored Resume, Becomes Instant Legend With Ladies Everywhere

Forget Beauty and the Beast, Read of the Ill-Fated Romance of This Man and His Sex Doll

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You’ve Heard of BBC Dad, Now Let’s See How BBC Mom Would’ve Fared in This Hilarious Parody

Everyone’s seen that video of the kids bursting in on their father giving a BBC  interview. We marveled at his unparalleled parenting as he grazed his daughter’s face in an effort to get her out of the room and laughed as that baby wheeled in as if to say, “Not today, mother fucker.”Now we can see how a mom might’ve handled things. YouTubers Juno and Ben take things up a notch by having the “BBC Mom” do all the things a mom would without breaking a sweat.  Submitted by: (via Jono and Ben) Tagged: parody , parenting , bbc Share on Facebook

The Daily FAIL: Saturate Your Brain With These Superb Sunday Memes

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Watch This Amtrak Train Just Douche These People With Snow in Slow Motion — Or Should I Say Snow Motion

There’s nothing better than watching someone just get destroyed in slow motion. Add to that trains, someone trying to film something on their phone, and a shit ton of snow. That’s what this video is, just a total douching of snow. Like do you think this is worth the instagram video: