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Guy Reconnects With High School Friend to Use Dad’s Recent Passing to Sell Health Supplements

Guy texts friend whose dad died so he can sell MLM health supplements.

Angry Vegan Tells Non-Vegan That She Can’t Eat Tofu Cause It’s Appropriation

An angry vegan tells a non-vegan that she can't eat tofu because it's appropriation.

Tumblr Physicists Theorize About Curvature Of Middle Earth And Legolas’ Scary Elf Eyes

Tumblr physicists theorize on Tumblr about the curvature of Middle Earth and why Legolas' eyes are so creepy.

Wholesome Tumblr Thread Shows That Capybaras Are Both "Friend" and "Mom" Shaped

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Guy Discovers Dora The Explorer Themed Gangster Car With Bullet Holes, In Junk Yard

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Guy Suspects Wife Is Cheating, She’s Actually Going to Denny’s to Use The Toilet

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Man On Twitter Asks What Women Will Do With Their Lives If They Live Till 80 Without Kids

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32 Times Women Were Dealt Savage Roasts On Reddit

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Controlling An RC Car Inside A Cylindrical Drone

This is perfect for people who work from home, but still want to enjoy that commute.  Submitted by: (via Voysys) Tagged: cool , cool accessories , technology , awesome , drones , Video Share on Facebook

12 Fiery Insults That Are Just Plain Mean

A collection of rude and especially spicy insults.