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After 12: Darkly Drinking Dexter Game


FAIL Nation: Ummm, Thank You?

epic fail  - Probably Bad News: Ummm, Thank You?

Autocowrecks: I’d Like to Buy a Cuddle From the Dollar Menu

mobile phone texting autocorrect - A McEscort

WIN: Step Two, Put Mannequin Behind The Box

epic win photos - Special Present WIN

FAIL Nation: Stay Classy, Montana FAIL


Poorly Dressed: Zippity Boo Bat Bippidy Bee Bop Cosby Sweater QWOP

FAIL Nation: One-Stop Shopping FAIL

Dating: I Find My Lack of Dates Disturbing

dating fails - I Find My Lack of Dates Disturbing

FAIL Nation: Here’s One For Everyone Watching At Home


M Thru F: Remember, Extrapolation is Dangerous

Lesson: Extrapolation is Dangerous