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Port-a-Potty Location Fail

epic fail photos - Port-a-Potty Location Fail

Probably Bad News: Oily Taint Headline FAIL

epic fail photos - Oily Taint Headline FAIL

Reason To Workout WIN

epic fail photos - Reason To Workout WIN

Serendipity WIN, Driving FAIL

Serendipity WIN, Driving FAIL

Now Digitally Remastered… For Science!

Wait, what?!
Scientists: ‘Triceratops never really existed’
Failer sopoRific adds some context up this post pretty awesomely:There has been some news of a recent paper that suggested triceratops and another species of dinosaur (without horns) should be considered the same species. But the speculation is that the horns are present for juveniles, making the poster a level 2 fail of a fail.

epic fail photos - Now Digitally Remastered... For Science!

Genre Combo FAIL

epic fail photos - Genre Combo FAIL

Poster WIN

epic fail photos - Poster WIN


epic fail photos - YOU DECIDE: Costume FAIL/WIN?

Safe Snacking FAIL

epic fail photo - Safe Snacking Fail

This Should Be Happening Right Now WIN

epic fail photos - This Should Be Happening Right Now WIN