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Failbook: The Seven Deadly Sites

funny facebook fails - Seven Deadly Sites

WIN: Collecting For A Cause

epic win photos - Donations WIN

Sketchy Santas: That Mask Is Pulling Double-Duty At Halloween, Right?

sketchy santa fails - Creepy mask

There I Fixed It: It’s Like They Were Separated At Birth

white trash repairs - Separated At Birth

FAIL Nation: Accidental Public Performance FAIL


FAIL Nation: This Product Finally Dropped FAIL

epic fail  - This Product Finally Dropped FAIL

Bros: Get Them Back Into Their Natural Habitat, Stat!

guidos bros douchebags fratboys - Get them back into their natural habitat

Poorly Dressed: Does It Count As a Shirt If Most Of You Doesn’t Fit Into It?

fashion fail - Ma'am there's something wrong with your shirt...

FAIL Nation: Taking The Family For A Drive FAIL


After 12: So This Is Why My Cat Sleeps All Day?