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Probably Bad News: He Was Pining For The Fjords

epic fail photos - He Was Pining For The FJords

Microwave Setting FAIL

epic fail photos - Microwave Setting FAIL

M thru F: So Much for Getting Away

job fails - Comics Edition: So Much for Getting Away

Tightening Your Belt FAIL

epic fail photos - Tightening Your Belt FAIL FAIL gif

Things That Are Doing It: Nature’s Top 5 P33n Clouds

Since the dawn of time, man has laughed at natural objects that look like big ol’ wieners. Clouds, with their ambiguous shapes, immense size and frighteningly-sexual ability to release a downpour on anyone nearby, are the perfect candidate. Collected here are the 5 best p33n clouds that Mother – or in this case, Father – Earth has provided us with. Enjoy.
5. The simple, yet effective
epic fail photos - Clouds That Are Doing It: Nature's Top 5 P33n Formations

Product Idea FAIL

epic fail photos - Product Idea FAIL

Talking and Texting FAIL

epic fail photos - Talking and Texting FAIL

Book Category FAIL

epic fail photos - Book Category FAIL

Attracting Customers FAIL

epic fail photos - Attracting Customers FAIL

How Many Feet In A Yard FAIL

Wait… Jackie Chan?! Why?!
Know Your Meme can help you there, but not with any of her math.