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Science Has Officially Gone Too Far

Funny product description of bean bag.

Guy Live-Tweets His Buddy’s Marriage Imploding, and It’s Horrifically Epic

Horrible long live-tweet breakup captures what might be the worst relationship-ender of all time.

Ed Sheeran’s DNA Finally Explained

Ed Sheeran's DNA finally explained through Game of Thrones actors.

Wonderfully Accurate Review Going On Here

Funny Amazon review for keyboard is super accurate and very entertaining.

Mom Proves She’s a Facebook Master By Trolling Her Friends Perfectly

Mom trolls her friends on Facebook by tricking them into thinking she bought a super expensive painting.

Oh deer….

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Scammer Experiences Instant Regret After Accidentally Texting Mississippi Country Boy

Scammer gets taken on hilarious trolling journey by Mississippi country boy.

18 People Share Why They Are Addicted to Cheating

relationships cheating

14 People Share Their Horrifically Strict Parents Craziest Rules

People share the worst rules they had imposed on them by their terribly strict parents.

15 Cringe-Filled Families Who Are HORRIFYINGLY Close

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