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Hilarious Pub Prank Blows Up In Drunk Guy’s Face

Nothing warms the heart like the bar loudmouth getting humbled in one swift blow. Literally.  Submitted by: (via ViralHog) Tagged: trolling , pub , prank , ridiculous , Video Share on Facebook

20 Dad Jokes So Potent They Will Make You Become A Father

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MoonPie Reminds Us Dad Jokes Are The Best With One Tweet

MoonPie company reminds us why dad jokes are the best with one funny tweet.

This Guy Turned the Olympics Into Hilarious Valentine’s Memes

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Husband is Not Having His Wife’s Valentine’s Prank

She’s so excited to give him an early Valentine’s Day gift, but we’re not sure if they’ll still be together by then. Submitted by: (via LadBaby Official) Tagged: Sad , car , wife , husband , prank , Valentines day Share on Facebook

48 Pics In Honor Of Singles Awareness Day

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Turns Out Tons of Guys Are Washing Their Faces With Dish Soap

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Thirsty Dudes Lose Their Minds When Lindsey Vonn Tweets Asking For Valentine’s Date

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Gets In Twitter Fight About Posing Nude For Empowerment

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model gets in ridiculous Twitter fight about how posing nude can be a form of empowerment.

The Valentine’s Day Cringes You Ordered Are Here

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