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Girl Trolls Scientologists With Photoshop

Girl trolls scientologists with the help of her photoshop skills.

Twitter Users Share Times They Forgot Words And Had To Make Them Up

Twitter users share times that they forgot words and had to make them up.

Features That Would Go In A Startled House, like a Haunted House But Not As Bad

Askreddit answers to what would go in a startled house, like a haunted house but just for startling people.

The Worst Defenses People Have Made In Court

A collection of the worst defenses people have seen made in the court of law.

Ominous Signs That Are Too Good At Being Spooky

Warning signs that are very scary

Things to Not Say on A Date

Funny and inappropriate things to say on a date.

Flat Earth Fan Club (11 Funny Memes)

A collection of funny memes about the Flat Earth theory.

Eliud Kipchoge Finishing A Marathon In Under 2 Hours

Absolutely amazing! This guy’s a beast! Submitted by: (via DailyNation) Tagged: awesome , inspiring , running , marathon , Video , win Share on Facebook

Twitter Thread Of Flexing Victorian Babes

A collection of tweets showing flexing Victorian babes.

Gordon Ramsay Tries To Teach Restaurant Owner How To Greet Customers

Pretty sure his accent only makes his insults all the more effective! Submitted by: (via All 4) Tagged: cooking , gordon ramsay , cringe , restaurant , ridiculous , funny , Video Share on Facebook