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I must go. My people need me.

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Brave Idiot Tries to Stop Berkeley Riot With Pepsi, and Fails Hilariously

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We Can’t Even Right Now With Nordstrom’s New Line of Fake Mud-Coated Jeans

Nordstrom releases very expensive, ridiculous fake mud-coated jeans clothing line.

Cash Me Outside Girl Gets Caught Outside and Has Her Ass Handed to Her In Street Beatdown

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Legendary Idiot Faces Charges After Trying to Rescue Beer From Burning Building


People Are Brutally Roasting Donald Trump With Imaginative Song Lyrics For His First 100 Days

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41 Tweets About Marriage That are too Real


People Are Beside Themselves Over This Mom’s Facebook Rant About How Her Kid Doesn’t Have to Share

Angry mom goes on Facebook rant about how her son doesn't have to share with other kids.

That’s a party foul.

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20 People Share the Most Drunkenly Depraved Things They’ve Seen Boozehounds Do

People share the stupidest things they have seen drunk people do.