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The Most Ridiculous Neighborhood Moments Caught on Nextdoor

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Bro Shares Epic Twitter Thread About Saving His Wedding By Chugging Beer

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Ryan Reynolds Roasts The Avengers In Ruthless Letter

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30 People That Really Should Not Have Been Allowed to Cut Their Own Hair

guy gives himself a horrible haircut - cover image to a list of horrible self haircuts

25 Times Workers Said "Not My Job"

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Nike’s New Odell Beckham Jr. Logo Gets Blitzed By Trolls On Twitter

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Impatient Dad Learns Brutal Lesson Trying To Carry Gaming TV Into House

Patience is a virtue that can pay off in things like non-destroyed televisions. The poor guy’s wife was NOT stoked, and we can only image how his kid’s going to take the news… Submitted by: (via Lancr 32) Tagged: marriage , FAIL , kids , accident , technology , parenting , Video , television Share on Facebook

Kid Gets Battered for Stealing Batteries

It was a typical day at the dollar store until one employee decided to take the law into his own hands. Submitted by: (via ViralHog) Tagged: employee , FAIL , stealing , kid , parenting , dollar store , batteries , battery , mom , spanking , hitting Share on Facebook

Kid’s Failed Attempt to Sign a Permission Slip Has the Internet Rolling

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Girl Gets Roasted By Most Heartlessly Detailed Insult Ever

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