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26 Brain-Bungling Pics of Twisted Perspective

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Girl Fails Spectacularly (Well) Trying To Jump A Hurdle

The wonderful fail today comes to us from the Savannah High School football field. It was there that this brave young soul, felt the unforgiving fury of an A+ hurdle jump fail.  Submitted by: (via ViralHog) Tagged: FAIL , track runner , hurdles , cringe , painful , Video Share on Facebook

Guy’s Older Brother Makes Hilarious Video Poking Fun At His Hometown

Casa Grande – “It’s not done and it never will be!” Submitted by: (via danny vega) Tagged: school , ridiculous , high school , hometown , Video Share on Facebook

LockPicking Lawyer Takes On Ben & Jerry’s Lock

Brave man to truly attempt this… Submitted by: (via LockPickingLawyer) Tagged: lockpicking , lawyer , ice cream , Video , win Share on Facebook

10 Times People Were Ended By Unapologetically Ruthless Words Of Searing Savagery

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Legendary Tumblr Post Recounts The Impossibly Mindless Acts Of A Dude Named Kevin

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14 Times People’s Honeymoon Plans Turned Into Disastrous Fails

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15 WTF Moments To Blow Your Brain Away With The Weirdness Of This Dystopian World

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15 Times Wonderful Coworkers Left Classic Passive Aggressive Notes

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Cowardly Boyfriend Shows True Colors When Mugger Jumps Him And His Girlfriend

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