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17 Cursed Images Pulled Fresh From The Depths Of The Underworld

Cursed images that are weird and uncomfortable to look at.

Man Somehow Ends Up As The Only Passenger On A Delta Flight

Director Vincent Peone, got to enjoy a private jet like experience when he defied the odds and ended up being the only passenger aboard a Delta flight from Aspen, Colorado to Salt Lake City, Utah. Peone managed to document his bizarre and hilarious experience, and at one point captures some of the crew members loading up a ton of sand bags to add weight to the plane, because he was the only passenger on board!  Submitted by: (via GoatWoW) Tagged: surprising , news , flight , awesome , traveling , Video , airplane Share on Facebook

Bathtub Trays Get Mocked On Twitter For Not Understanding How Women Take Baths

Bathtub trays get mocked on Twitter for not understanding how women actually take baths.

25 Cool Tattoos That Turned Scars Into Art

tattoos that incorporate scars, tattoo of a bird using a scar as a branch

Twitter Thread Calls Out Toxic Femininity For Being Equally Disgusting And As Real In Every Way

Twitter users call out toxic femininity for being equally as disgusting and abusive as toxic masculinity.

36 People Disclose The Most Insulting Gifts They’ve Ever Received

askreddit, mean, rude, gifts

Tools Rack Up Boss’s Tab, in turn Boss Has Them Pay Their Own $3K Check

customer service bros server revenge work tools restaurant bill expensive liquor funny rude money stupid check - 8945413

Marc Maron Savagely Roasts A Very Uncomfortable Looking Chevy Chase

Marc Maron goes all the way in on his roast for Chevy Chase at the N.Y. Friars Club Roast of Chevy Chase. Chevy Chase looks just a little uncomfortable amidst the ruthless processions.  Submitted by: (via Video Disorder) Tagged: marc maron , roast , ridiculous , brutal , Chevy Chase Share on Facebook

Browns Player Who Lied His Way Into The NFL Returns A Punt For An 86-Yard Touchdown

Sheehy-Guiseppi had the heroic confidence to take a leap of emboldened faith and reinforce the talent he knew he possessed. You can read a great recap of his full story on the description of the YouTube video. Quite inspiring, and we hope he has nothing but a great career ahead of him!  Submitted by: (via ClipThat) Tagged: crazy , nfl , awesome , athlete , football , Video Share on Facebook

Comedian Mistakenly Invited To Speak At Conference For Dentists, Won’t Stop Sending Them Proposals

Comedian mistakenly invited to conference for dentists won't stop sending them pitch ideas as a joke.