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Couples Respond to Question, ‘Would You Have a Threesome?’

I appreciate how they made sure to separate the couples before asking the big question; think it’s fair to say that otherwise, the silent tension and expectations might’ve prevented honest answers.  Submitted by: (via WatchCut Video) Tagged: group sex , threesome , Video , dating Share on Facebook

Watch This Little Kid Cry His Eyes Out After Refs Blow It During Northwestern-Gonzaga Game

March Madness is in full effect, and one little guy is really feeling it. At the Northwestern-Gonzaga game yesterday, refs called a technical on Northwestern coach Chris Collins after he complained about a missed goal-tending call. Me talking about basketball is hard. Anyway, the refs messed up, a coach complained about it, and then he got in trouble too. That’s the gist. Whatever it was, this little kid is really bummed out about it. Here’s a good video  of the missed call: Here’s a good gif of that kid crying: via GIPHYMarch Madness really gets to people.  Submitted by: (via Sports News Daily) Tagged: sports , basketball , march madness , crying , ncaa Share on Facebook

Spring Break Catfight of 2017 Results in K.O. Falcon Punch With Follow-Up Twerking Over Unconscious Body

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17 People Share the Most Insane Things They’ve Witnessed at a Party


Internet Reacts to #1 Seed Villanova’s Soul-Crushing, Bracket-Shattering Loss

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People With A Worse St. Patrick’s Day Hangover Than You

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36 of the Craziest Tin-Foil Wrapped Conspiracy Theories

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You Can Get the Hell Away from Me With China’s Glass Bridge That Sits Atop A Mountain

Have you ever wanted to safely stare death in the face and laugh? Now you can. Sitting atop Mount Langya in Hebei, China, a glass bridge and observation platform allows you to look down at the 1,476 foot drop below. No cables or harnesses necessary, you can get to the top of Langya by cable car and a 40-minute walk. It’s that easy for you to risk it all with minimal risk. However, this is the closest I will ever come to this thing: via Mashable via Mashable   Submitted by: (via People’s Daily, China) Tagged: cool , China Share on Facebook

The Daily FAIL: Start Saturday off Right

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15 Thieves Pass Around Amazing Stories of Their Biggest Hauls