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Awesome Librarian Helps Hysterical School Girl Solve Who Hacked Her Paper

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Girl Live-Tweets Trolling Her Classmates With Comically Huge Pencil

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10 Fearless People Who Quit Their Jobs Like Absolute Champions

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Guy Quits Hotel Job With A Marching Band

I really hope this kid had another gig lined up, because his potential for any sort of reference is absolutely f**ked.  Submitted by: (via Joey La Neve DeFrancesco) Tagged: employee , trolling , work , quit , ridiculous , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Eminem Goes Off In Ridiculous Video And Disses Absolutely Everything

DISSED. Submitted by: (via Brent Pella) Tagged: parody , eminem , ridiculous , funny , Video Share on Facebook

11 Penny-Hoarding Cheapskates Who Are Dumber than They Are Stingy

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10 Images To Submerge You In An Oblivion Of Cringe

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11 People Tweet The Most Wildly Disastrous Dates You Could Ever Witness

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20 of the Dumbest Things Students Turned In to Teachers

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12 Nonsensical Bathroom Design Fails That’ll Piss You Off

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