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10 Uncomfortable Pics That’ll Make You Cringe Your Face Off

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Skateboarder In The Library Gets Dewey Decimated

I just can’t see any way that this was going to end well. What could have possibly been a WIN in this situation?  Submitted by: (via Reddit) Tagged: ouch , skateboarding , FAIL , fail video Share on Facebook

9 People Who’ve Absolutely Had It With Their Jobs

People who are completely fed up with their jobs, as seen in series of frustrating pictures.

26 Classic Funny FAILs That Will Baffle You

Forklift gets driven off the side of a loading bay - Classic Funny FAILs That Will Baffle You

PayPal Gets Shredded In Facebook Comments Section For Horribly Insensitive Letter

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29 Weird Knock-Offs Almost Better than the Originals

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14 Painfully Imperfect Fails That’ll Ignite Your OCD Like Crazy

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Cops Canvassing Area Hilariously Miss Their Suspect

This clip from KOMU news out of Columbia, Missouri captures an amazing moment in cop fail history.  Submitted by: (via Youtube) Tagged: FAILS , cops , fail video , cop fail , Video Share on Facebook

10 Times Delusional Hypocrites Got Called Out On Facebook

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Bored-At-Work Friend Texts Super Imaginative Tale

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