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Cold-Hearted Customer Gets Shut Down By Restaurant Manager For Leaving BS Review

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Diablo 2 Producer Absolutely Lays It Down In Twitter Rant

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Chef Recreates Infamous Pizza Ball From The Eric Andre Show

So well, he made one enormous Pizza Pocket… Submitted by: (via Binging with Babish) Tagged: cooking , pizza , gross , cringe , ridiculous , Video Share on Facebook

Internet Has Strong Feelings About This Horrifically Unseasoned Chicken

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VR Gets Way Too Painfully Real For Girl In Hilarious Fail

RIP $500+ headset. Submitted by: (via ricardogonhin) Tagged: virtual reality , FAIL , painful , video games , Video Share on Facebook

19 Viciously Dumb Jokes That Are Technically Not Wrong

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16 Interviewers Share The Worst Applicants They’ve Ever Interviewed For Jobs

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15 Dumb, Crazy Things Couples Do When They Make Each Other Angry

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Presumptuous Date Loses It When She Has to Pay for Her Own Food

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The Cookie Monster’s Tweets Are The Mood Of 2019

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