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Not totally sure what he was going for here

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34 People Share the Craziest NSFW Things to Happen at Work

People share stories of the craziest NSFW things they've witnessed while at work.

17 Starbucks Baristas Reveal The Most WTF Questions They’ve Ever Had to Deal With

wtf FAIL

Look it’s Tarzan!

lady eats dirt while swinging on a rope swing

Yeah… She’s Going to Have Trust Issues

girl does a trust fall and the guys catching her miss

"Let’s not talk about this…"

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46 People Share the Most WTF Sex Acts Ever Performed On Them

People share stories of the craziest things done to them while they were having sex.

"Let’s prank the drive through worker!!!"

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20 Couples Who FAILed to Consider Others Around Them When They Couldn’t Contain Themselves

couple is making out on the grass while two guys pose in front of them -

Golf Cart Attempts Foolish Stunt and Painful FAIL Ensues

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