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Ex-Disney Employee’s Story Is An Emotional Rollercoaster Of Feels

Ex-Disney employee tells an emotional story about kids that come through the park after traumatizing experience.

21 Spicy Star Wars Valentine’s Cards To Give To Your Imaginary SO

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Shaun White’s Getting Blasted After Alleged Questionable Texts He Sent Surface

Shaun White is getting called out on Twitter after sexual harassment allegations surface following his gold medal win at Winter Olympics 2018.

Lost GoPro Records Rare Act Of Kindness

We need more people like this dude!  Submitted by: (via alatinsoulproduction) Tagged: random act of kindness , GoPro , Video Share on Facebook

Bro Texts Random Guy About Making Earth Sandwich And Epic Win Ensues

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Olympic Statues Dubbed "The Penis-Men" Are Huge on Japanese Twitter

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Girl Converts Her Roommate’s Bedroom Into Hilarious Museum Exhibit While She’s Gone

Girl converts her roommate's bedroom into a museum while she's gone.

Engineering Student Writes Letter On Why Female Classmates Aren’t His Equals

Male engineering student writes a letter describing why his female classmates aren't his equals.

Woman Gets Natural Disaster-Level Destroyed After Giving Elon Musk Sh*t On Twitter

Woman gets destroyed on Twitter after giving Elon Musk a hard time about SpaceX.

46 Times Pokémon Kept It Dark And Weird With The Dialogue

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