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Now You Can Take a Maple Syrup Bath In — Where Else? — Japan!


The Joys of Working in the Food Service Industry in 35 Memes

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People Are Trolling the Shit Out of Donald Trump After His St. Patrick’s Day Tweet

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Watch a Man Smash a Cinder Block on Don Mattingly’s Chest Because, Yeah, Donnie Baseball’s Still Got It

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Guy Gets Dumped By GF On Group Chat, Proceeds to Get Relentlessly Barraged By Hilarious Video Game Puns

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30 Hilarious Conversations That Were Born From the Ashes of Failure


Pixar Fan Theory Claims That Maybe the Cars in "Cars" Aren’t… Cars

Cars! Nobody’s favorite Pixar movie is Cars, even though it is far and away the most profitable Pixar film. However, if you ever had any biological questions aout the Cars franchise, which I know you have, this video will save you a lot of time. YouTuber The Film Theorists have once again thrown another crazy, obsessive conspiracy theory that take every aspect of the film from its magical origins to their killjoy conclusions. Connections between the Pixar movies must exist in unified universe, so he can force theories like the Cars in Cars are bugs or something. Anyway, these are impressive and entertaining ideas, but also not that important. I’m not sure why you would spend so much time only on the surface of a film, instead of actually engaging with the meaning of it, but hey it’s just a theory… a film theory.  Submitted by: (via The Film Theorists ) Tagged: film theory , movies , cars , pixar Share on Facebook

Report: Grindr Is Killing It In The Custom Emoji Department, So Step It Up Tinder


Sexy Brazilian TV Host Gets Butt Massaged While Camera’s Running and We Can’t Look Away

Brazilian news is…interesting. @FHM— Nick Dimengo (@itsnickdimengo) March 16, 2017 Well here we go again. Brazilian TV ever interesting and seemingly hellbent on keeping things scantily clothed and awkwardly sexualized. Submitted by: (via @itsnickdimengo) Tagged: brazil , TV , girls , sexy times , Video Share on Facebook

Comedian Finds Something Special in Her Airplane Blanket, and, Yup, It’s Human Shit