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16 Things That You Should Not Mess With

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Sad Bull Mourning The Loss Of His Big Red Ball Is All Of Us After Breaking Nice Things

The heartbreaking drama is at an all-time high, when this bull named Tex confronts why he can’t have nice things. And dude, I feel you! It’s hard to have nice things without failing in some capacity, and forbid, end up breaking them altogether.  Submitted by: (via Ima Survivor Sanctuary) Tagged: Sad , bull , Video , animals , playing Share on Facebook

Alex Trebek’s Iconically Savage Response To Nerdcore Hip Hop Fan

In honor of Alex Trebek’s heart-wrenching news about his ongoing battle with Pancreatic Cancer, we’ve pulled one of his most iconic, hilarious, and entertaining moments as the Jeopardy! Host, for everyone to reminisce on. We wish him nothing but strength and peace and grace in his battle.  Submitted by: (via Rick Sanchez) Tagged: Sad , Jeopardy , news , Alex Trebek , brutal Share on Facebook

17 Flirtatious and Absurd Moments From The Wacky World of Tinder

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22 Hilarious Tweets About How God Made Different Stuff

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Depressed 17-Year-Old Asking For Roasts Gets Surprising Wholesome Hug Instead

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14 Self-Proclaimed Cheating Addicts Share Their Thoughts And Reasoning

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American Lying to Avoid Conversation on Taiwanese Bus Snowballs into Comedy of Errors

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10 Frustrated Twitter Users Confess The Words They Fail To Spell Correctly

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21 Boldly Dumb Jokes That Are Technically Correct

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