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90s Childhood Nostalgia (34 Gems)

A collection of nostalgic gems from the 1990s.

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Tumblr thread breaks down a villain from Phineas and Ferb.

Stupid and Fantastic Antiques Roadshow Gag Captions

Funny antiques roadshow re-caption memes.

Happy Facts To Hopefully Counteract all The Messed Up Ones

Happy and nice facts about animals and life in general.

Impressive Morons That Ruined Themselves

A collection of times that people destroyed themselves in acts of great stupidity on social media.

Teacher Shares Story Of Dumbest Student They Had

Teacher shares story of the dumbest student they ever had.

Inexcusably Atrocious Haircuts (7 Images)

A collection of images showing absolutely terrible haircuts.

FBI Arrests Hayward Man Accused Of Spying For Chinese Intelligence Agency

And the wife didn’t know anything about this? Okay.  Submitted by: (via KPIX CBS SF Bay Area) Tagged: sketchy , government , criminal , military , spy , ridiculous , Video Share on Facebook

Son’s Reaction To Cow Milking Is Absolutely Priceless

The pure disgust in the kid’s voice is comedy gold! Submitted by: (via Shara Watson) Tagged: parenting , reaction , funny , Video , animals , cows Share on Facebook

Girl Gets Her Fashion Reviewed By Fellow GTA Online Streamer

The part when he brings it back down to 0 after going to 100 is what really ties this together.  Submitted by: (via Thomas Sohn Christensen) Tagged: streaming , online , Video Game Coverage , GTA V , ridiculous , video games , video game logic , funny Share on Facebook