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Insane Footage Of Rooftop Swimming Pool Emptying During Quake In Manilla

Check out the insane video footage that’s surfaced from an earthquake in Manila, the Philippines. Yikes! Would not want to be in that swimming pool when this went down… Submitted by: (via Noypi Stuff) Tagged: crazy , Natural Disasters , pool , earthquake , dangerous , Video Share on Facebook

A Couple Quick Stories About The Most Epic Ways People Broke Up

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Fascinating Theory Demonstrates How The Pyramids Could’ve Been Constructed

This is clearly alien propaganda.  Submitted by: (via John Heisz – I Build It) Tagged: interesting , Conspiracy Theory , pyramid , Video Share on Facebook

Classic Car Flipper Scam Gets Caught On Camera

When you find out that absolutely nothing is as it seems!  Submitted by: (via Uncle Tony’s Garage) Tagged: sketchy , FAIL , ridiculous , scam , funny , Video Share on Facebook

30 Funny Marriage Tweets to Let You Know That You’re Not Alone

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22 Hilariously Unfortunate Names

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The Heartbreaking Odds of 20 Different Things Happening to You

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Bully Dad And Bully Son Lose Everything When They Pick On The Wrong Son

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Woman Arrested By CIA For Asking To Speak With Agent Penis

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41 Slightly Ucnomfortable Images to Drive Every Pefrectionist Insane

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