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10 Times Old People Were Woefully out of the Loop on Facebook

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12 Exes Share the Most Pathetic Ways Their Partners Tried and Failed to Win ‘Em Back

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16 Ultimate Responses to "What Are Your Intentions for My Daughter?"

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Hilarious Pizza Review Accidentally Captures Spirit Of New York

This interview unintentionally struck gold. The interruptions are wonderfully irreverent and full of lunacy.  Submitted by: (via Barstool Sports) Tagged: pizza , ridiculous , new york , interruption , interview , rude , Video Share on Facebook

28 Very British Problems From Across The Pond

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#ThatWasStupid Trending Twitter Hashtag Makes For Hilarious Fails

Trending Twitter hashtag titled, "that was stupid", is a collection of people's stupidest moments.

10 Groomsmen/Bridesmaids Share Most Insane Things They’ve Ever Put Up With

Groomsmen and bridesmaids share stories of the craziest things they've ever put up with .

Cheating Girlfriend’s Texting Rant Is Hilariously Delusional

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14 Uneasy Pics From Crazed Cringelords

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‘Things On My Grandma’ is Pure Twitter Gold

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