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Millennials Respond Angrily To Article Claiming They’re Less Likely To Live Independently

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10 Ridiculous Signs That Left People Hilariously Confused

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Tumblr User Runs The Ridiculous Math On How Many Communion Wafers Equal One Jesus

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Winnie The Pooh Walks Through Crazy Mob With Bodyguards

Halloween goals AF right here. Look at that calm stoicism from Pooh.  Submitted by: (via ZBRA) Tagged: halloween , tokyo , ridiculous , funny , weird , Video , winnie the pooh Share on Facebook

Man Scares Cat And Gets Defeated By Instant Karma

Even the cat was shocked by his stupidity! Submitted by: (via ViralHog) Tagged: instant karma , FAIL , ridiculous , Cats , animals Share on Facebook

Yes, the Bieber Burrito Was Staged, and Here’s How Everyone Got Tricked

Last week, the internet was pranked with this photo of a supposed Justin Bieber eating a burrito the wrong way. The real question is, was it a convincing fake or did we just want to belieb it? We’re gonna have to go with both. Anyway, props to Yes Theory for the artful crafting of a viral prank. Submitted by: (via Yes Theory) Tagged: twitter , news , youtube , burrito , interesting , fake , wrong way , Media , social media , prank , viral , eating , Reddit , mistake , funny , justin bieber Share on Facebook

13 Liars Who Received a Swift Kick from the Mule of Truth

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16+ Misused Popular Quotes That Are Total BS

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Twitter’s Getting Too Hilariously Real About What You Should’ve Accomplished By Age 35

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14 Times People Had To Use Safewords To Get Out Of Aggressively Creepy Dates

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