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Disappointing Purchases People Made After Being Misled By Ads

Dissappointing products people bought after seeing an ad for them.

Twitter Users Properly And Hilariously Honestly Describe Movies

A collection of Twitter users properly describing different movies.

Grandpa Takes Wholesome Revenge On Pranksters

Grandpa takes a wholesome revenge on pranksters.

Guy Returns Wallet By Sending Message Through Transactions

Guy returns wallet by sending messages through bank transactions.

Laughable Cheapskates Who Felt They Were Entitled To Everything

Rude and entitled people demanding free things.

Student Receives Huge Pencil As Gift And Saves It For The Day Another Classmate Needs It

trying to decide what to do with a huge pencil

Guy On Twitter Challenges Stereotype About Tech Billionaires’ Empires Starting In Garages

Twitter user calls out billionaires and their garage stories for not being accurate about how they started out.

Tales From Servers That Have Seen It All

A collection of tales from different servers.

Clever Puns And Dumb Jokes That Are Technically Correct

Clever Puns and dumb jokes that are literal and technically true.

Woman Insists That Honey Is Bee’s Blood

Moronic woman believes that honey is bee's blood.