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Dad Has No Idea How Facebook Works, Comments on Porn, Proceeds to Get Ripped Apart By Daughter


Everyone On Twitter Is Asking You Politely: Clean the Office Microwave


Pornhub Is Pulling All the Strange Stops to Get Pandas Mating For National Panda Day

Just in time for National Panda Day, Pornhub is making things cringeworthily appropriate and imploring its users to film themselves having sex ‘panda style’ in costume or makeup, and then upload said videos. Literally. I had to double take what I just typed. But then again, I appreciate the fact that Pornhub is taking advantage of their wide-reaching influence.. Submitted by: (via Pornhub) Tagged: panda , porn , funny , Video , animals Share on Facebook

No One On Twitter Feels Bad For the Bigoted Bathroom Bill Governor Who Can’t Find a Job


Amtrak Train Collides With Wall of Snow, Instantly Powder-Packing Nearby Commuters

And here I thought it was particularly shitty waiting for the bus this morning.  Submitted by: (via Nick Colvin) Tagged: amtrak , slow motion , snow , Video Share on Facebook

Watch a Priest, a Rabbi, and an Atheist Walk Into a Studio and Smoke Weed

No, this isn’t the set up to a joke. In the name of spiritual unity and coexistence, a rabbi, a priest, and an atheist are smoking weed and talking about god together. This video is a high-guy conversation for the ages. Watch how this atheist goes on for about 40 minutes on how God doesn’t exist and these two men of faith give him a 40-yard stare. Also, they talk about aliens and stuff. Also, they talk about conspiracy theories regarding drugs in the bible. Also, they’re having the same conversations in every college dorm in America. Then they bless each other. Submitted by: (via WatchCut Video) Tagged: religion , weed Share on Facebook

People Are Ripping Donald Trump a New One After He Threatened ‘Failing Career’ Snoop Dogg With ‘Jail Time’

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Fussy McDonald’s Customer Orders Cheese, Gets Served Unfortunate Ration of Expectation Meets Reality

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Bam Margera’s Vile Story About the Most Disgusting Thing a Jackass Fan Ever Did Is Stomach-Turning Terrible

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Creepy-Ass Children’s Book Uses Clown Illustrations to Teach Kids About Sex