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Newly Broke Employee Lives To Regret Not Filling Out A $2K Questionnaire

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Guy Shares Hilarious Stories About His Company’s Notoriously Oblivious Intern

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Woman Scares The Absolute Living Piss Out Of Her Coworker

Those box scares will get you, man. The reaction here is nothing short of gold.  Submitted by: (via Katie King) Tagged: job , coworkers , scared , reaction , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Man’s Passionate Reaction To The Cold Weather Goes Viral

I CANTAKA NO MO!! Submitted by: (via The Uncle Louie Variety Show) Tagged: viral videos , cold , weather , reaction , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Hotel Worker Learns Humbling Lesson After Hiding In Electrical Rooms

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Tumblr Regails Bean-Tastic Story of Multimillionaire Artist Who Bought the Rights to Vantablack

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Man Unearths High School ID Buried 23 Years Ago On A Beach In Jamaica, Returns To Rightful Owner

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Quirky Tumblr Thread Breaks down Just How Adorable Humans Are

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PETA Ignites Twitter War After Putting Billboard Outside Of Jimmy’s Famous Seafood Restaurant

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Tumblr Thread About Cutthroat Kitchen Ends In Shocking Dirty Revelations

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