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Guy Works Undercover in Chinese iPhone Factory and It’s the Stuff of Nighmares

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Flight Attendant Uses In Flight Wi-Fi to Be a Cam Girl

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People Are Roasting New Zealand to Oblivion and It’s Glorious

List of people's tweets roasting New Zealand.

21 Fun Facts to Crush Your Boredom

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Devious Monkey Trying to Get Fix, Crashes Boat Party and Steals Bottle of Vodka

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Kids Try to Threaten Football Team on Twitter, Proceed to Get Hilariously Photoshopped to Oblivion


Best Bill O’Reilly Freakouts Ever

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Saco River Bridge Fail

This is why you don’t drink and decide to act cool in front of your girlfriend. Submitted by: yessirmanyessir (via Share on Facebook

Ah the Ignorance Must be Bliss


Great White Shark Almost Takes Cameraman’s Head Off, Gives Us Encouragement to Avoid the Ocean

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