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Supercut Of April’s Best News Bloopers

The last guy is nothing short of a national treasure.  Submitted by: (via News Be Funny) Tagged: news , FAIL , news bloopers , cringe , compilation , ridiculous , supercut , Video Share on Facebook

Reptile Rescue Worker Tweets Gruesome Story About Lizard Getting Into Guy’s Leg

ouch scary twitter wtf reptile gross painful live tweet ridiculous lizard - 5539333

18 Nasty Passengers You’ll Seen On Your Commute To Hell

wtf cringe Awkward ridiculous Travel airplane flying - 5538053

9 Delivery Drivers Share Their Most Unforgettable Experiences

crazy surprising wtf pizza delivery cringe askreddit delivery - 5537285

Guy’s Interactive Tinder Story Has Unforeseen Consequences

tinder relationships tinder cringe ridiculous funny dating - 5536773

Guy Tweets Insane Conspiracy Theory On Kanye West’s Extra WTF Behavior

twitter wtf Conspiracy Theory kanye west viral weird - 5535237

Guy Texts Hilarious Infinity War Synopsis And It Is MARVELous

marvel conversation ridiculous superheroes texting funny - 5533189

16 Of The Best Petty Revenge Stories

revenge cringe petty revenge painful petty ridiculous - 5533957

13 Sub-Moronic Fools Who Thought The Onion Was Real

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Steve Irwin’s A Superhuman During Snake Bite On Live TV

Steve Irwin has transcended the silly human idea of “pain” altogether.  Submitted by: (via DecaffinatedBoy) Tagged: scary , steve irwin , cringe , live tv , snakes , Video Share on Facebook