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Guy Gets Revenge On Insufferably Annoying Coworker

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33 Low Key Angry Notes From Passive Aggressive Neighbors

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Girl Coming Down From Anesthesia Shows Her Parents Her ‘Special Talent’ With A Popsicle

Holy shit she owns her mom with that last line.  Submitted by: (via Youtube) Share on Facebook

Remember That Time Mark McGrath Flipped Out on a Teen For Saying "Sugar Gay"

One of our favorite nostalgic public freakouts! Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray gets in a kids face for saying “Sugar Gay” after leaving a bar in Los Angeles.  Submitted by: (via Youtube) Share on Facebook

Jeopardy Contestant Makes Horrifyingly Creepy Mistake

Uhhhhh… What is “the creepiest answer imaginable”? Submitted by: (via Youtube) Share on Facebook

Absolute Creep Confronted For Groping Mel B on Live TV

Recently this 2014 video resurfaced that shows Louis Walsh groping Mel B has sparked outrage. While being interviewed with Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole by Sarah-Jane Crawford on The Xtra Factor, Louis can be seen clearly grabbing Mel B’s ass and grabbing her before being confronted. If he does this on television, imagine what he does behind the scenes. What a creep.  Submitted by: (via Reddit) Tagged: simon cowell , xfactor , groping , gross , creepy , louis walsh , television show , mel b Share on Facebook

Enraged Mom Calls Priest To House After Discovering Daughter’s Tattoo

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28 Times We Had to Ask "Who Wore It Better?"

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Total Bro Homeowner Discovers Surprising Note In New House And Follows Instructions

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26 Parents Share The Funniest Bad Things They Had To Punish Their Kids For

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