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British Police Dragged On Facebook for Idiotic Sword Bust

Police roasted on facebook for confiscating a prop sword.

Man Denies Accident While He’s Causing It

It’s hard to think of interactions more awkward than having to tell the guy hitting your car that he’s… doing that. The 1,000 yard stare this guy is giving off while in the drivers seat of a car is freakin’ unsettling. The creator of the video says cops were called and the guy was arrested for impaired driving. Submitted by: (via Cullen Burchartz) Tagged: evidence , wtf , accident , cars , driver , car accident , Video Share on Facebook

Mom Hogs The Mic During Daughter’s Audition

Someone get Mom off the stage. The attention-grabbing antics are off the charts in terms of cringe.  Submitted by: (via Britain’s Got Talent) Tagged: Music , FAIL , singing , cringe , Awkward , parenting , ridiculous , funny , Video , audition Share on Facebook

Twitter Users Share Their Last Texts To Exes

A collection of Twitter users share their last texts they've sent to their exes.

Uber Driver Kicks Out Entitled Brats

That girl in the passenger seat was on one from the get go. What an absolute nightmare!  Submitted by: (via Sean The Uber Don) Tagged: customer service , entitlement , FAIL , cringe , driver , ridiculous Share on Facebook

Dad Loses Daughter’s Hamster, Has A Heartfelt Breakdown

Dad loses his daughter's hamster and proceeds to have a meltdown over series of text messages.

Job Applicant Lives To Regret Bathroom Visit Before Interview

A job applicant uses the bathroom before their job interview, they get stuck, have to kick their way out.

Typical (And Hilarious) English Place Names

A collection of funny English place names.

Chipotle Educates Vegetarian On Twitter

Chipotle educates a vegetarian who thinks that chorizo isn't meat, on Twitter.

Woman Tells Co-Worker She’s Going To Steal Desired Baby Name

Woman tells her co-worker that she's going to use the baby name she wants to use, and drama ensues.