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Tumblr’s Triumphant Bus Catching Story Is One for the Ages

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25 Abysmal Spellers That Won’t Be Writing a Novel Anytime Soon

funny misspellings, calling go karts goat karts, skim milk confused with skin milk

Woman Learns That Bully Trainer At Her Gym Posts Pictures Of Obese People Working Out

Woman asks people on Reddit if she's a jerk for getting a personal trainer fired after discovering that she takes people of obese people training at the gym.

10 Times Bridezillas Reared Their Entitled And Angry Heads

Various bridezillas that were rude and generally toxic to their wedding guests.

Random Guy On Twitter Thinks He Deserves Best Work For Free, Graphic Designer Claps Back

Random guy on Twitter thinks he deserves an artist's best work for free and the graphic designer claps back.

Two Louisiana Beekeepers Crack Jokes In A Car That’s Covered In Bees

The sound those bees make as they slam against the camera sends shivers down the spine. You’ve gotta love their ability to keep cracking jokes amidst the utter chaos.  Submitted by: (via Stinger Creations) Tagged: insects , scary , wasp , creepy , cars , Video Share on Facebook

Dude’s Imaginative Story Brings Horrifying New Meaning to "Endless Shrimp"

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Saintly Mom Spontaneously Decides To Adopt Gigantic Mastiff And Her Puppies From Humane Society

Nice mom spontaneously decides to adopt a gigantic mastiff and her puppies.

Boy With Cancer Asks Comedian To Attend His Funeral With One Special Request

We’re not crying you’re crying. The happy ending here really ties the whole thing together nicely.  Submitted by: (via Aschwin van Loon) Tagged: heartwarming , faith in humanity , awesome , comedy , cancer , Video , comedian , win Share on Facebook

Dude Almost Falls For Incredibly Believable Scam

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