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15 Ruthless Girls That Went Full Savage Mode

Collection of ruthless girls that went full savage mode on their boyfriends.

20 Hilarious Times Kids Laid Down Vicious Burns

Twenty vicious burns from little kids who probably didn't even realize how hot their burn was

10 GameStop Employees Share Their Most Ridiculous Customer Stories

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Udder Chaos Ensues When Cow Escapes On College Campus

MOOve out the way, freshly liberated cow coming through!  Submitted by: (via ViralHog) Tagged: ridiculous , Video , animals , cows Share on Facebook

18 Ridiculous Tinder Pickup Lines That’ll Swiftly Crush Your Faith In Modern Dating

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22 Pictures That’ll Send You Into An Oblivion Of Cringe

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53 WTF Face Tattoos That Are a Sign Your Life Might Have Gone Wrong

WTF Face Tattoos That Are a Sign Your Life Might Have Gone Wrong

20 Shower Thoughts That Will Blow Your Mind

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World of Warcraft Cosplay Win

This guy brought it to a whole ‘nother level. Submitted by: (via HĂ©roes Vol’jin) Tagged: world of warcraft , cosplay , FAIL , South Park , video games , win Share on Facebook