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31 Triggerworthy Tweets And Memes About Parenting Struggles

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20 WTF Marketplace Finds That Have Us Diving for Our Wallets

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Woman Has A Taco Bell Meltdown For The Ages

“Would you go to Burger King and order TIL-APIA?” Is this woman the reason that Taco Bell has french fries now, or what? Submitted by: (via Ansari Collection) Tagged: taco bell , freakout , restaurant , Meltdown , ridiculous , funny , fast food , Video Share on Facebook

Louisiana Senator Wonders If You Can Turn E.Coli Into Humans

This dude is proof that E.Coli can evolve into a human. What the hell did I just listen to.  Submitted by: (via Zack Kopplin) Tagged: bacteria , cringe , germs , ridiculous , funny , Video Share on Facebook

19 Good And Outright Idiotic Shower Thoughts To Stew Over On Your Saturday

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25 Dumb and Literal Jokes That Are Technically Correct

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Thrilling Tumblr Story About Crime Scene Ends In Crazy Coincidence

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11 Twitter Users Describe How To Ruin Friday In 4 Words

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Smooth Wingman Assists A Dude Struggling To Lift A Girl

He pulled through with some seriously smooth wingman skills!  Submitted by: (via ULOOK2) Tagged: smooth , awesome , wingman , Video , win , dating Share on Facebook

16 Prime Amazon Reviews That Delivered Us Laughs

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