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10 People That Invited Ruthless Fiery Roastings On Themselves

People that invited brutal roastings on themselves.

How to catch a child.

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Double Fail.

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MLB Network’s Getting Trolled Hard For Accidentally Turning Title of "The Mummy" Into NSFW Film

MLB Network accidentally changes the title of the movie "The Mummy" to spell out something NSFW.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Picture of scantily-clothed woman running away from another angry woman that's holding a javelin.

Poor Nana

Picture of grandma studying awkward product that's a 'banana shredder' is full of cringe.

Marine Gets Shoved Into a Backpack and Sent Into a Wild Photoshop Battle

marine shoved inside a backpack gets a photoshop battle

12 People Who Are Literally the Worst

guy parks his truck taking up three spots - cover image to a list of people who suck

13 Tweets About Parenting That Confirm Kids Are Basically Little Drunk People

Tweets about parenting that confirm kids are basically little drunk people.

31 Dark Humored Occasionally Depressing Comics From Cyanide and Happiness

Collection of dark-humored and depressing comics from Cyanide and Happiness.