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Stupid and Incomprehensible Signs and Designs

Funny signs and bad design fails.

Tumblr Thread Does The Math On Eating "A Whole Jesus"

Tumblr thread answers the question how many wafers and wine it would take to eat jesus' body weight.

Chefs Disclose Red Flags That Customers Should Be Wary Of

Chefs share the various red flags that you should keep an eye out for while eating out at restaurants.

Unfortunate Moments That Threw Folks for A Loop

Fails, unfortunate and wtf moments that are bad.

Petty Revenges From The Pettiest People

A collection of petty revenge cases from Redditors.

Scammer Pretends To Be U.S. Soldier, Tries To Get Google Play Gift Card

Scammer pretends to be a U.S. soldier to try and get a Google Play gift card.

Creative Tumblr Thread Imagines Earth As Space Australia from Alien Perspective

Tumblr story of Aliens being afraid of dangerous humans.

Moments That Go to Show How Kids Are Weird and Dumb

Stories and images of children being stupid.

Unintentional Nonsensical Humorous Utterances

A collection of times that people unintentionally uttered nonsensical words.

Spooky Signs That are Doing Too Good a Job of Being Scary

Warning signs that are very scary.