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Cat Owner Gets Their Cat An Identical Stuff Animal And The Cat Freaks Out

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Guy Uses Imperfect Lawn to Drive Mean Neighbor Insane

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Off Duty Cop Intervenes After Overhearing A Man Threaten His Date At A Crowded Restaurant

An off duty cop intervenes after overhearing a man threaten his date at a crowded restaurant.

Golf Course Employee Performs Pro Revenge On Golfer Jerk Who Throws Beer At Him

Golf employee takes a pro revenge on a drunk golfer who threw his half drank beer at him for telling them to stop drinking on the course.

42 People Share Their Greatest Dad Jokes

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Guy Toys With Facebook Scammer And Refuses To Send Pics

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28 People That Blended Themselves In With Vinyl

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Landlord Won’t Pay to Fix Washing Machine, So Woman Racks Up Laundry Bill to Force His Hand

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"Nice Guy" Threatens To Sue Stripper After She Rejects His Weirdly Aggressive Advances

Creepy nice guy has a total Facebook meltdown on a stripper after she rejects his strangely aggressive advances.

Man Keeps His Life Savings In A Shoe Box And Accidentally Throws It Away

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