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39 Wildly Accurate Marriage Tweets To Resonate Deeply With Your Soul

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19 Attempts That Were Crushed By The Hammer of Failure

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Ben Mendelsohn Proves That He Can Make Anything Scary

THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I HAVE SEEN ALL DAY. Submitted by: (via triple j) Tagged: scary , ben mendelsohn , actor , movies , Video Share on Facebook

Groom Faints During Wedding Ceremony

At least he got those nerves out and the show’s ready to proceed!  Submitted by: (via Валерий Осокин) Tagged: marriage , FAIL , funny wedding photos , divorce , Video Share on Facebook

Guy’s Spicy Tumblr Rant About His Failed Burrito Is Absolutely Ruthless

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Man And Woman Have Hilariously Different Takes On How Their Blind Date Went

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17 Times Parents Realized Their Kids Were Dumb as Rocks

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9 Lowcost Cosplays That Didn’t Fail To Light Up Our Dark Souls With Laughter

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12 Life Hacks To Give You A Leg Up On Everyone Else Grinding Through Their Existence

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11 People Share "Normal" Things They’re Just Too Embarrassed To Do In Public

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