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Crazy Chick Goes Insane On People Recording Her After She Crashes Into Gas Station

To our crazy lady that failed to keep it remotely together: Ahem. Did you expect anything less? Was everyone supposed to sit back and act like you weren’t driving round like a maddened bat outta hell? The usual reaction to someone crashing into things like, well, gas stations, is to at the very least get a recording going. Then again, that might’ve been a risky move when in such close premises to the eye of the shitstorm. Submitted by: (via Shelikesitmyway 69) Tagged: crazy , wtf , FAIL , gas station , freakout , Video Share on Facebook

Watch Mark Hamill Force Choke the Shit Out of Trump Staffer With One Tweet

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Afternoon Awesome: 25 Memes to Keep the Day Going Strong

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Rachel Maddow Sets the Internet Ablaze With One Tweet About Trump’s Tax Returns

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The Fresh Prince Turned Into Uncle Phil When Will Smith Went Bungee Jumping

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Seth Meyers Takes A Closer Look at Trump’s Conspiracy Theories and Trumpcare

In case you haven’t noticed, having a reality-TV gameshow host as president is a total nightmare in which everyday brings a brand-new, equally terrifying nightmare. The past two weeks have been exceptionally fun because the president has been on a real tear. First, he tweeted out some conspiracy theories about Barack Obama because he misses asking the former president for his birth certificate. Then, the GOP released Trumpcare and everyone hates it because it’s awful. But rather than listen to me rattle on and on about it, why not take 10 minutes and watch Seth Meyers destroy both these things, as he is wont to do. It’s a nice warm blanket to get you through the cold nightmare of reality.  Submitted by: (via Late Night with Seth Meyers) Tagged: seth meyers , politics Share on Facebook

The Daily Show Recast that BBC Family Video With the Trump Administration and It’s Glorious

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Most Ridiculous Ways People Have Discovered They’re Being Cheated On Exceed Wildest Expectations


Bam Margera Officially Makes His Long Awaited Return to Skateboarding With New Video

After a long and gruesome wrestle with substance abuse, among other things, it’d seem the iconically seven kinds of f**ked up skater douche Mr. Bam Margera is ready to hit the road rolling again. Rumors are floating around that Margera is in talks with Element Skateboards, and that he could be releasing some more footage again very soon.  Submitted by: (via arshad ali) Tagged: skateboarding , Bam Margera , Video , win Share on Facebook

16 Special Times Porn Comments Ended Up Being Comedic Greatness

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