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10 Times Reckless Liars Had The Truth Handed To Them

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Emotionally Deflated, Ja Rule’s, Halftime Show Performance, Is A Slam Dunk Fail

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Guy Handles Thirsty Wrong Number Text Like A Cautious Pro

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Flat Earthers Experimentally Disproving Themselves Will Make You Smile

Earth is…GLOBE? If you’re in the mood for watching a Flat Earther disprove himself, then this video is right up your alley.  Submitted by: (via The Plane Truth) Tagged: FAIL , ridiculous , flat earther , funny , Video , space Share on Facebook

Monosyllabic Mouthbreather Gets Called Out For Being A Crude Choosing Beggar

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25 Disappointing Times Peoples Days Went Pear Shaped

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Edgy Metal Head Couple Asks To Get Roasted And They Get Vaporized

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17 Creative Fans Share The Crazy Plot Twists They’d Add To Harry Potter With JK Rowling’s Twitter Account

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Australian Comedian Attends Anti-Vaxxer Rally And Hilarity Ensues

This was bound for greatness when he committed to trying to find a doctor. “And you’ve taken the red pill, I assume.” Pure gold.  Submitted by: (via Lewis Spears) Tagged: trolling , doctor , anti-vaxxers , ridiculous , Video Share on Facebook

Twitter Thread About Monstrous University Roommate Will Give You Secondhand Rage

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