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Scammer Old Lady Tries And Fails To Sell Multiple Scams

That lady was on one! She tried and failed multiple scams. To continue trying to push scams after her “unopened power tools” ended up being a box of newspapers was an unreal kind of bold.  Submitted by: (via Craigslist Hunter) Tagged: scammer , FAIL , cringe , ridiculous , scam , stupid Share on Facebook

A Quick Funny Lesson In Oversharing On Social Media

Twitter user shares a quick and expensive lesson in why it's not good to overshare on social media.

Weatherman Pronounces Town’s Name, "Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch"

No, the keys didn’t get stuck and the editor doesn’t have a degenerative nerve disease, that’s the name of the town. And this weather guy Liam Dutton pronounces is perfectly. You can tell by the look on his face when he says it that he’s bringing the heat. Submitted by: (via Channel 4 News) Tagged: town , funny names , Pronunciation , weather , words , lol , weatherman , silly , UK , funny , Video , win Share on Facebook

Donut Shop Owner Handles Customer’s Angry Review Like A Boss

Donut shop owner handle's a customer's angry review with a very graceful approach.

Renters With Horrible Landlords Share Their Stories

A collection of Twitter users share their worst experiences with bad landlords.

Papa John’s Founder Gets Fire Roasted On Twitter

Papa John's Founder gets dragged all over Twitter after his recent, ridiculous interview.

Literal Jokes and Dumb Puns That Are Technically Accurate

Jokes and puns that are literally correct and technically not wrong.

Obvious Things People Realized Way Too Late

People tell stories of basic information they realized way too late in life.

Entitled Folks Who Need to Leave and Take Their Attitudes with Them

Choosing beggars, insane rude cheapskates and annoying entitled people.

Passionate Dad Pops Off Over Turkey Being Cooked In Microwave

This dad is a whole Thanksgiving mood. The pain in his voice is unforgettable. He’s probably just imagining what it would be like to take a bite out of a turkey that was cooked in the microwave!  Submitted by: (via Frankie Fardette) Tagged: thanksgiving , freakout , parenting , dad , angry , ridiculous , accent , funny , Video , boston Share on Facebook