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Blind Comedian Tells Story Of Time He Thought Neighbor Ignored Him

Absolutely hilarious from start to finish.  Submitted by: (via WILTY? Nope!) Tagged: cringe , blind , ridiculous , Video , comedian Share on Facebook

Tumblr User Shares Sightings of Their City’s "80s Guy"

Funny tumblr post about eccentric 80s guy sightings.

Women That Mistakenly Dated Psychos

A collection of AskReddit users share times that they realized they were dating total lunatics.

Twitter Flocks on Cowboy Who Brags About How Much Beef He Gets

Lonely cowboy talks gender roles and dating while bragging about beef.

Twitter Users Respond To Angry Woman Yelling Through Uber Window

Twitter users respond to an angry woman yelling through an Uber passenger's window.

Times Guys Totally Missed Obvious Signals

Obvious hints from women that guys missed.

Guy Dodges A Bullet While Date Texts Him Paragraphs

Crazy woman texts a guy paragraph after paragraph while he's in a meeting.

Boss Doesn’t Allow Sick Days, Employee Stands Up To Him And Ruins His Christmas

Bike shop employee ruins his boss's Christmas by standing up to him and taking sick days

Quilting Community Accomplishes Wholesome Victory

Quilting community comes together to help finish a deceased 99-year-old's unfinished quilting project.

The Weirdest Things Laser Tag Employees and Patrons Saw in the Arena

Askreddit stories of weird things employees and people saw at laser tag.