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Translation Fails That Missed Their Mark (15 Images)

A collection of translation fails that missed their mark terribly.

Dude Gets Petty Revenge On Selfish Parker with Fake Note

Guy parks his Corvette over 4 spaces, so a dude leaves a fake note saying that he damaged the car.

Pizza Delivery Driver Creates Impressive List of Her Strangest Customers

Pizza delivery driver on tumblr has a big list of the weirdest people she's delivered pizza to.

Women Recreate ‘The Simpsons’ Episode Of Homer’s Food Tour In New Orleans Restaurants Shot For Shot

Two women recreate scenes from "The Simpsons" in New Orleans.

People Share Their Weirdest Family Tics

People share their weirdest family tics.

Woman Who Thinks She’s an Influencer Wants Hair Done For Cheap

hair kim kardashian social media angry ridiculous entitled cheap money stupid - 7709701

Man On Holiday In New Zealand, Lives To Regret Taking His Wife Adventuring Up The World’s Steepest Street

tifu man regrets taking his wife up steepest street in New Zealand

Lady Yells At Guy For Parking Too Close, He Wastes Her Time By Taking A Dump At McDonald’s

Lady yells at a guy for parking too close, so he takes a petty revenge on her by taking his sweet time with a dump at McDonald's.

Guy Gives Woman A Grammar Lesson Over A Typo, She Claps Back With Fake Grammar Rules

Guy gives woman a grammar lesson because of a typo, so she claps back with fake grammar rules.

Med Student Leaves Aggressive Review For Computer Repair Shop, Owner Responds with Fury

A person leaves a review calling laptop repair business a scam and the owner responds.