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Non British People Share What They Find Odd About Britain

Non British people share what they find odd about British people in an AskReddit thread.

Professor Says Millennials Are The Worst Generation, Woman Responds With 18th Century Disciplinary Records

Woman on Twitter transcribes a collection of 18th century student disciplinary records.

Peculiar Cat Likes Being in the Fridge

Tumblr user explains that her cat likes to be in the fridge.

Viral Twitter Thread On The Ball And The Box Analogy For Grief

Twitter thread helpfully breaks down what it's like living with grief.

The World’s Chillest Man Lights Up Cigarette At Gunpoint

The cool and collected nature of this patron just trying to enjoy his cocktail with a fresh lit cigarette, while being held up at gunpoint is heroic. You don’t see something like this everyday. At least it’s usually in the movies.  Submitted by: (via ThisIsButter) Tagged: crazy , crime , ridiculous , smoking , Video , robbery Share on Facebook

Stupid Liars Getting Called Out For Spreading BS Into The World

Lying liars that tried to spread BS into the world, and got called out online for it.

27 Witty and Stupid Jokes That Are Technically Correct

Jokes, memes, puns, and comebacks that are technically the truth.

Girl Makes Sure Her Abusive Ex-Boyfriend Doesn’t Get Into Marines By Providing Honest Character Reference

Girl makes sure that her ex-boyfriend doesn't get into the marines by providing an honest character reference about him being abusive.

Woman Invites Her Crush Over To Help Fix The Bed, He Misses The Signal

Woman tells her crush that she likes him after she invites him over to "fix the bed" and he missed the signal.

Person’s Question About Grief over Losing Cat Turns Into Touching Feels Trip

Person guilty over cat's death receives touching answer.