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The Ups And Downs Of The Married Life (33 Images)

Tweets that sum up the married life, with all of its ups and downs.

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Guy gets revenge on unfair divorce request by sending tons of paperwork.

27 Funny And Sad Times People Didn’t Understand Satire

People taking satirical articles seriously.

Choosing Beggars Being Terribly Cheap Pricks

A collection of times that choosing beggars were terribly cheap negotiators.

Rich Prick Won’t Pay Tiny Library Fine

Rich guy complains about having to pay a 25 cent library fine, so the guy gets back at him by ratting him out to a cop writing parking lot tickets.

15 Expectations Vs Realities And The Fallouts That Ensued

Times people's expectations did not line up with what reality gave them.

A Tale Of Two Neighbor Cats Falling In Love Through The Window

A Twitter thread about two neighbor cats falling in love through the window.

Woman’s Boss Confronts Her At Work For Not Shaving Her Legs

Woman asks people on Reddit if she was wrong for not shaving her legs for work, after her boss confronted her.

25 Decent Attempts That Took a Left Turn Into Failure

Attempts that turned into fails

Police Officers Share The Stupidest Laws They’ve Enforced Cause Someone Was An A-Hole

Police officers share stories of the stupidest laws they've enforced just because someone was being a proper jerk.