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Clever And Dumb Jokes That Are Technically Correct

Funny jokes, puns and memes that are technically true.

Cooking In The North Atlantic In Rough Seas

This guy should really consider a more balanced diet. In all seriousness though, a pretty impressive feat to pull off cooking on such rough seas.  Submitted by: (via lasse schwarz) Tagged: impressive , crazy , sailing , weather , dangerous , Video Share on Facebook

Savage Clapbacks Waiters/Servers Delivered To Customers

A collection of brutal clapbacks that waiters/servers delivered to rude customers.

Bridezilla Wants Turtles With Lit Candles On Their Backs At Reception

Bridezilla wants turtles with lit candles on their backs at her wedding reception.

Boss Messes With Wages, Company Gets Sunk With One Phone Call

Boss messes with his employee's wages, and ends up having company get sunk with one simple phone call.

Truckers Share Things At Night That Gave Them The Chills

Truckers share different things they saw at night that gave them the chills.

Funny Observations on Language that are Frustratingly Interesting

Funny and interesting observations on languages.

Soup Lady Jumps Out Of Deadly Moving Elevator

We’ll probably never have the gumption it took for this woman to step out of a malfunctioning elevator, but holy crap if that’s not a close call. Maybe a fight or flight response? Either way, we’d be as concerned as the woman who stayed in. Submitted by: (via John Richardson) Tagged: scary , wtf , elevator , close call , soup , malfunction , Video Share on Facebook

Mom Steals Halloween Candy While Daughter Says "You Took Too Much"

This one is kinda sad. Not exactly sure how you find yourself in this situation, but this is not a good look for the mom. And her interaction with her little kid? It’s just a little heartbreaking. We hope that kid ends up okay. Submitted by: (via untamedkb) Tagged: Sad , candy , stealing , halloween , daughter , heartbreaking , mom Share on Facebook

Wholesome Memes and Things Because Life Isn’t Always Bad

wholesome memes, happy and sentimental moments