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When No Dogs Are Allowed

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Loaf Of Bread

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For What???

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Adorable Kitten In A Wheelchair Becomes Involved in Photoshop Battle

a cute photoshop battle of a kitten in a wheelchair

13 Dogs and 1 Cat Eating The Holiday Feast

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Want To Live Longer? Get a Dog

new research about the affect of dog ownership on health

How The World Would Be If Animals No Longer Existed

Watch This insightful Short film, released by Greenpeace, to educate us about the protection of endangered African species. You will probably  recognize one of Disney’s most famous movies: The Lion King.  Submitted by: (via Greenpeace/ Studio Smack on vimeo) Tagged: world , exist , no , Video , animals Share on Facebook

18 Amazing Cat Room Designs For Your Inspiration

ideas for cat rooms

Guy Documents Trough Twitter How He Fell in Love and Adopted A Street Cat

a funny story of a guy that adopts a street cats