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Renaissance Photo

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Getting That Calcium

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Nobody Wins Today

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Reality Vs. Expectations

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When You Let Your Cat Be Your Model For Drawing

You’ll all learn to draw your cats and they will look like real in the pictures, even if you draw badly. It’s all because of an unusual creative method. Submitted by: (via CatPusic) Tagged: drawing , model , funny cats , cat videos , Cats Share on Facebook

‘Coyote Vests’ For Dogs Is The New Punk Rock Trend You’ll Want To Adopt

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Scottish Wildcat AKA ‘Britain’s Rarest Mammal’ Born At UK Zoo

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Mark The Dog Guy Gives Animals In Shelters Haircuts To Help Them Find Their Furr-ever Home (21 Pics)

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Dog Miraculously Found Guarding Home Weeks After It Was Destroyed By Fire

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