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How Sweet Is This?

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Mafia Bosses in Movies

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Greatest video we’ve ever seen

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Precious "Frozen" Parody By Doug The Pug Replaces "Let It Go" With "Chubby Pug"

In this adorable parody, issues with ice powers are swapped for chicken nuggets problems and we love it!  Submitted by: (via Doug The Pug) Tagged: dogs , pug , funny animls , dog video , let it go , frozen Share on Facebook

Russian Artist Creates Adorable Wool Animals That Look Like They Came Out Of a Disney Movie

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Six Magic Pics Of Hovercat In All His Glory

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Time To Take In Your Weekly Dose Of Cute! (#59)

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Dad Brings Kids Animal Drawings To Life (33 Pics)

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"Architects For Animals" Organization Builds Creative Outdoor Shelters As An Awareness Raising Initiative

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Horsing Around: Horse Accidentally Glued To Phone Case Results In Best Photobombs

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