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Weird Cat

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The Egyptian Cats

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Instant Regret

OH NO 😂📹: oakley.thegolden— Cute Emergency (@CuteEmergency) October 16, 2018 Submitted by: (via Oakley The Golden) Share on Facebook


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Employee Of The Month!

Exceptional Service Submitted by: (via Imgur) Tagged: doge , employee , cute , shiba inu , Video Share on Facebook

11 Animals That Are Donald Trump’s Look Alikes

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The Amazing Story Of The Man Who Built US$500,000 Mansion For His Dog

This Chinese man wanted his dog to have a better childhood than he did — so he built a US$500,000 mansion for it!  Submitted by: (via South China Morning Post) Share on Facebook

10 New Tweets From Our Favorite Dog With Thoughts That Are So Pure

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16 Fun Ways To Include Your Cat In Your Pregnancy Reveal

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17 Awesome Halloween Comics From Liz Climo

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