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Your Treat Of Memes This Caturday

20 caturday memes

Adorable Dreaming Dog Falls Off Couch And Wakes Up Cat

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What If Celebrities Were Animals? (15 Photos)

photos of celebrities as animals

Male vs Female Maine Coons (Which Gender Is Better For You?)

Picking whether to adopt a Male Maine Coon or Female Maine Coon can be difficult, as both these Maine Coon Cats offer up different traits and Characteristics that make them good pets for the family home. Male Maine Coon cat’s are more outgoing and tend to love to play with one particular person they are living with. Female Maine Coon cat’s are more calm but get along with more people, or busy households better than their Male Counterparts. When it comes to Male vs Female Maine Coon Cat’s the only thing that is important is that you offer them a loving home! Submitted by: (via Main coon guide) Tagged: female-vs-male , maine coon , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

So Disappointed It Was Only A Mouse

a cute meme with a cute grey kitten

Rare Human Syndrome May Explain Dog’s Friendliness According to a New Research

new research explains why dogs are so friendly

The 10 Best Replies To "Last Texts That Will Describe Your Cat"

a funny cat meme that says for the person to open the door already - cover for the list of funny cat memes

New “Pokemon Go” Game Based on The Movements of Real Animals

new start up tracks animal movements

Hmm. Who should I bump off next?

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The Awesome Biking Adventure of Didga The Cat

Join Didga and and her owner on a beautiful bike ride around their beach town of Coolangatta, Australia. This isn’t just a boring “cat in a basket” bike ride… This is Didga and she doesn’t know the meaning of the word “boring”.    Submitted by: (via The Catmantoo) Tagged: cat , biking , trip , Video Share on Facebook