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As Captain Picard

funny pictures-As Captain Picard would say,  "Make it sew"

GIF: Pweeze, Sirz, Kan Ai Has Summore?!

Funny Pictures and Gifs - Cat Begs for More

perfectly normal reaction

funny pictures-perfectly normal reaction to the word 'vet'.

I iz de missing lynx

funny pictures-I iz de missing lynx     What? U expect a monkey?

….. And den dey took

funny pictures-..... And den dey took da rest of meh mustash and eyebrow! it wuz HORRIBLE

“Heeeere’s Johnn− ouff!”

funny pictures-"Heeeere's Johnn− ouff!"  ....well dis didn't werk

GIF: When Sneek Attackz Get Owt of Hand

Funny Pictures - Cat Scares Cat

Turn the bubbles on? Please?

funny pictures-Turn the bubbles on?  Please?

Any Last Wurds?

funny pictures-Any Last Wurds?

Kitteh Komic of teh Day: Dey Call Meh teh Destroyer!

Funny Pictures - Cat Comic of the Day