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What ‘moral dilemma’?

funny pictures - What 'moral dilemma'?

eye feels

funny pictures - eye feels exployded

Anudder Fanksgibing

funny pictures - Anudder Fanksgibing at da kitty tabel.  (SIGH!)  Wen will ai eber be big enuf to sit at da big tabel??

Fanksgibing GIF: Dinner’s Running Late, Guys!

Funny Pictures - Turkey Gifs

Aw you’re so thoughtful…

funny pictures - Aw you're so thoughtful...

I iz

funny pictures - I iz new centerpiece

Fanksgibing Kitteh of teh Day: Ai Bettur B Gittin Sum Turkee After Dis…

Funny Pictures - Cute Kittens

And all was right

funny pictures - And all was right                    with the world


funny pictures - IZ A FLUFFY

I’ll be spending the day outside KthnxBAI!

funny pictures - I'll be spending the day outside KthnxBAI!