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Fearless Raccoons

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That Damned Smile

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Grandpa And His Old Friend Braving The Cold

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Service Dog Walks On Glass Floor

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Saving B6, The Adorable Tiny Turtle

This western pond turtle hatchling got a fighting chance at survival thanks to his friends at the Oregon zoo.  Submitted by: (via Oregon Zoo) Tagged: saving , tiny , zoo , turtle , Video Share on Facebook

You Can Now Take a Puma Trekking Trip In Chile And We’re Already In Line…

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15 Times Animals Have Expressed Our Current Mood In The Most Accurate Way

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Owner Was Nervous How Her Pitbull Would React To Her Bringing Home This One-Eyed Cat From The Shelter (10 Pictures)

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27 Fresh Litter And Filled Food Bowls Memes To Bring In Caturday The Right Way

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Just a Bunch Of Purr-fect Tweets By Mr. Meowgy The Cat

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