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When Your’e Busy But Still Find Some Time For Fun

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How Alligators Get Pets (Comic)

a funny comic of an alligator finding what he things is an egg but it's really just a pumpkin and he wants to hatch it to make it his pet

20 Dogs Rocking Hats This Spring

a list of very cute dogs wearing hats to look very fashionable

21 Gifs Of Kids & Their Pets… Not Getting Along

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Here Are Some Career Suggestions For Your Lazy Cat

Is Kitty lying around the house sleeping all day? Time to get out that kitty Resume and get a job! Here are some suitable job suggestions.  Submitted by: (via Furballs Fables) Tagged: jobs , career , Cats , Video Share on Facebook


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Uber Ride

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Good Boy

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A Coincidence?

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