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Let Him Out!

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The Lion King: Beautiful Friendship Between a Young Zoo Keeper And His Big Cats

lion wrangler, Shandor Larenty, is a dedicated 24-year-old working night shifts at The Lion Park near Johannesburg, South Africa. While his friends are out partying and enjoying their teens, he is busy with his lions and hyenas up to the point he has no time for romantic relationships. As part of his “Dream job”, as he call it, he mucks out hyenas, watches over sick lions or doing special night feeds with injured giraffes. While the work is quite demanding, he gets his daily affection from his big furry friends at the park. Video Credits:Videographer / director: Nathan Pellow-JarmanProducer: Liam Miller, Ruby CooteEditor: Ross Dower Submitted by: (via Beastly) Tagged: animal videos , animal friendship , big cats , cat videos , Cats , animals Share on Facebook

Cats As Your Favorite Fonts (20 Images)

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Adorable Animals Sharing Food With Their Friends

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Cats Who Lost The Ultimate Game Of Hide-And-Seek

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Marmots Are Fuzzy Little Chonks With The Cutest Face Ever

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Fresh Animal Memes To Mix in Your Morning Coffee

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