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I See Your Dolphin Side Show and Raise You a Selfie-Loving Orca

Orca shocks San Diego fisherman by following the boat and playing with them, along with loving the limelight and "taking selfies"

Crazy Safari Encounters of A Furry Kind

Crazy encounters with safari animals

If I Ever Go To War, This Is What I’m Wearing

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Night Talk

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Meet Lester

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Snack Bandit Raccoon Got Caught Red-Handed In A Vending Machine

The cutest little snack-bandit got caught red-handed trying to steal some goodies from a vending machine. And while the raccoon’s master plan to infiltrate was a huge success, the thief didn’t quite think of an escape plan. Thus, leaving him stuck in the vending machine until help came along! Fortunately, he had a plethora of snacks to keep him company while waiting on the help to arrive! The Volusia County Police in Florida were called to Pine Ridge High School about a theft in progress Wednesday. Animal control and a vending machine operator rolled the machine out of the building and the raccoon scampered to freedom!  Submitted by: (via 10News WTSP) Tagged: caught red-handed , cute , vending machine , raccoons , bandit , funny , animals Share on Facebook

These Vintage Photos Prove That Celebrities Love Their Cats Just As Much As We Do

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17 Chonky Bois To Keep The Good Times Rollin’

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This Dalmatian Gave Birth To 19 Puppies And Broke The World Record

dalmatian dog in australia gives birth to 19 puppies breaking world record

Wholesome Cat Collection Scientifically Proven To Add 10 Years To Your Lifespan

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