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Don’t Touch The Lava!

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We Can Rebuild Him, We Have The Technology

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Watch Maya The Samoyed’s Reaction To Being Hugged For A Really, Really Long Time

Way too cute and funny! Who else would love to hug this doggo for an eternity?! Looks so soft…If you’re not already following @MayaPolarBear on Instagram, you’re missing out!  Submitted by: (via Mayapolarbear) Tagged: dogs , hugging , cute , maya polar bear , doggo , Video , hug Share on Facebook

These Thirsty Cats Might Have a Drinking Problem (Funny Photos And Gifs)

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25 Good Ol’ Fashioned Pupperoni Memes To Add Some Flavor To Your Day

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16 Cats Who Could Easily Become The Next James Bond

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What’s It Like Being a Bear: Fresh And Funny Thoughts Tweeted By a Real Bear

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