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Cats That Know How To Give A Death Stare… (17 Photos)

a orange furry cat giving the evil eye and looking like he will kill everyone- cover for a list of cats that are not very happy and giving the death stare

Good Boy Golden Retriever Rescues Baby Deer From Drowning

An Amazing video that was uploaded by Mark Freeley, shows his dog saving a baby deer from drowning. He Said that as he was walking his two dogs in the morning, Storm and Sara, he noticed a fawn in the water struggling to get to shore. The next thing he knew “Storm just plunged into the water and started swimming out to the fawn, grabbed it by the neck and started swimming back to shore.”It can be shown in the video, that once Storm hit the shore, he put the deer down and laid down next to it. The very prod owner was even surprised by the good deed his dog had done. Unfortunately, when experts arrived and with the commotion of the dogs and so many people, the poor deer got spooked again and ran back into the water. This time further out. After struggling for around 8 minutes, the men were able to rescue her once again. The fawn didn’t have any serious injuries but did suffer from ticks and a small eye injury. The young animal is currently being cared for at an area wildlife agency until it is in better shape. Freeley posted the video of Storm’s heroic rescue on Facebook Sunday morning and had already had more than 13k likes and just over 61k shares.  Submitted by: (via Mark Freeley) Tagged: dogs , deer , fawn , rescue Share on Facebook

This Bird’s Wing Flapping Is Synced With A Camera’s Frame Rate And It’s Mind Boggling

Just like you see with helicopters, plane props and videos of laminar flow, the syncing of an object with a frame rate creates an eerie effect. Submitted by: (via eBaumsWorld) Share on Facebook

Cats With Tiny Faces Are The " Hot New Breed" (26 Photos)

photoshopped cats with tiny faces

"Rock the boat / Must tip the boat over"

Cat meme of a kitty that rocked the rocking chair too much till it fell over, with caption having the cat blaming it on sea sickness.


Meme of a cat saying he doesn't need to be talked down, but rather be cheered up.

This Veterinarian Built a Special Cat’s Gym in His Wisconsin Clinic

Gym for cats in this vet clinic

Two Rabbits Addicted to Technology – 12 Funny Comics

comics about two rabbits addicted to technology

Why Do Cat Eyes Glow in the Dark?

Those eerie shining orbs staring at you from the bushes when you take the trash out at night could be any number of animals, but why do their eyes glow like that? learn some more with this insightful video Submitted by: (via Sci Show) Tagged: explained , glowing eyes Share on Facebook

40,000 Minks Are Sprung From A Fur Farm Jail In Minnesota!

a picture of a minks in the water - a story about a jailbreak for 40000 minks to get out of a fur farm