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The Chairs At The At The Jurassic Park Laboratories

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"Everything The Light Touches, Is Our Kingdom"

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Choose Wisely

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The Many Chickens Of Australia

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Meet Leo, The Puppy Who Thinks He’s a Cat

Leo, the cavapoo puppy, has fun knocking shampoo and conditioner bottles into the bathtub like a mischievous cat. You can see more of Leo on his Instagram page. Submitted by: (via KeepGif/ Little Leo The Cavapoo) Share on Facebook

When a Picture Says More Than Just a 1000 Words

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12 Gifs of Pups In Swings Is All You Need In This World

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These Two City Turtles Are Having The Best Time Of Their Life In NY

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Here Is Why Service Dogs Are So Awesome (Memes)

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