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It’s Just Too Big

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Historical Newborn Gorilla and Mother Bond Right After Birth

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20 Garfield Comics To Brighten Your Day

a funny list of the original grumpy cat Garfield

Watch These Adorable Bear Cubs Attempting to Climb Trees for the First Time

From the moment they leave their den, black bears have a natural instinct to climb. In this cute clip from the BBC documentary nature series, 24/7 Wild, adorable black bear cubs leave their den to learn to conquer the treetops for the first time. Submitted by: (via BBC Earth) Tagged: trees , climbing , bear , cubs , first time , Video , black Share on Facebook

22 Magical Times People Entered An Imaginary Disney Movie Scenes

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Exact Description

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Moody Face

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Insecurity Issues

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Just Let Him In

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Hi, One Of Everything Please

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