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How To Piss Off A Frog

Most people would think you deserve his reaction Submitted by: (via GivingYouLols) Tagged: annoying , funny , Video , frog Share on Facebook

What If Animals Were Round?

The World of “Rollin’ Wild” is a funny series of common wildlife scenes featuring round animals. More animals are on their way. Stay tuned. Submitted by: (via Rollin’ Wild) Tagged: animation , round , funny , Video , giraffes Share on Facebook

10 Personalized Cool Gifts For Dog Lovers

Serious Puppy Love Pillow for your dog

10 Funny Pie Charts About Your Cat

Funny pie chart of what how cats prefer playing with a box than the toy that came in it.

Stressed Cat Is Getting A Relaxing Neck Massage

A cat’s life can be extremely stressful. So keep calm and get a massage. Submitted by: (via Waggle TV) Tagged: relaxing , cute , massage , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

Cat Watches A Horror Movie

You’ve got to wait to the end… Submitted by: (via Rumble) Tagged: Cats , funny , Video Share on Facebook

10 Brides Who Just Couldn’t Leave Their Pets At Home

Bride with her bunny at the wedding.

The Cat People


Funny Cats And Dogs Squizzing Into Unbelievably Small Spaces

If it fits, I sit Submitted by: (via Boringly TV) Tagged: dogs , squizz , small , Cats , funny Share on Facebook

10 Funny Animals Puns For Your Monday Morning

Instaham pig pun for list of 10 animal puns.