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25 Things Crazy Cat People Do

25 things cat people usually do

Cat Owner Builds His Cat Unique Elevator so That he can Reach the Garden Easier

Some cat people love their pets so much that they would just about anything for them. One of them is a youtuber named ‘CrazyMrJohn’ who built an elevator just for his kitty companion to ease its ‘getting around’. This particular elevator is operated by the cat and features an infrared cat-flap that responds only to the cat’s collar. Genius! Submitted by: (via CrazyMs.John) Tagged: elevator , garden , Cats Share on Facebook

14 Aww-some Memes That Will Make Your Wednesday

a picture of a fluffy white dog that is sticking his tongue out and smiling - cover photo for a list on very funny memes

UPS Driver Prove That Mailmen/Mail women And Dogs Can Be Friends!

a photo of a UPS driver and a baby pitbull looking very cute - cover for a few pictures of UPS drivers meeting dogs along the way

This Adorable Singing Elephant Is Exactly What Your Kid Needs!

 Flappy The Elephant is an animated plush toy that will entertain your kid for hours! Playing actual Pick-a-Boo, with its ears flapping over to singing Do your ears hang low. It’s job is to delight your child!  And it’s even available now on Amazon for only $38.99  Submitted by: (via GUND) Tagged: Babies , toys , elephant , cute , funny Share on Facebook

Two Photographers Take Pictures Of Their Pet Rats Cuddling Teddy Bears And Its Adorable

a very cute picture of a cute white and black rat cuddling a mini teddy bear and wrapped under a blanket - cover for a list of rats hugging teddy bears

Cats Have To Do Everything

a funny meme on lolcats that shows a cat carrying a can of tuna and having to open it themselves

The Cats Favorite Show

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10 Catsu Comics That Are Just Too Funny

a funny comic about how long it takes for cats to look beautiful but everyone things its all natural.

Chip The French Bulldog Does Race Car Impressions

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