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We Did That?

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No Problem Here

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New Kitten Is Introduced To The Pack (Video)

YouTuber, OldManStino, currently has a mini pack that he calls family! A German Shepherd, Beck, and an Orange Tabby, Bleu. Now, there’s a new member of the herd — Ziggy! But how will Beck and Bleu reaction to the newest pack member? OldManStino wrote in the description bio, “Beck was excited this time around! Bleu was not happy at first but slowly warmed up to Ziggy.” Submitted by: (via OldManStino) Tagged: aww , meeting , youtube , kitten , cute , Cats , Video , animals Share on Facebook


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Warm And Stylish: The 2020 Crocheted Hat Collection For Pets Is Here

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A Collection Of Heartwarming Tumblr Posts About Lost Cats

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Boys With Facial Hair (In Honor Of The End Of No-Shave November)

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Pets That Don’t Want Our Food, They Just Want To Look At It.. Closely

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Cat Snaps: Bringing Everlasting Peace To The World

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Paws And Admire These Caturday Memes (28 Cat Memes)

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