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Best Way To Wake Up

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Oh, Sorry…Not Really

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I’m On A Boat

I’m on a boat from r/aww Submitted by: (via Reddit) Tagged: ferret , cute , boat , funny Share on Facebook


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Ducks Walk On Snow For The First Time

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Everyone Was Warned Not To Touch This Cat But One Guy Did Anyway…

Have a look at this little kitty, Ugly. Though it is not a good name to call a cat, Ugly’s story may allow you to see life in a new way. This story was shared by an unknown author and can serve as an inspiration to all of us.  Submitted by: (via Be The Light) Tagged: stray cat , cat videos , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

Fans Tossed 30K Stuffed Animals At Hockey Game And Set a New Donation Record

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We Can’t Stop Thinking About This "Coughing" Cat Meme

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We Asked Our Users What This Cat Is Dress Up For And Here Are 12 Amazing Responses

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20 Brilliant Ways To Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree

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