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12 Gorgeous Photos of Little Kids With Their Very Big Dogs

Tiny kid on a large black dog in an outdoor forest setting.

Your Video Guide For Taking The Best Photos Of Your Cat With Your Cell Phone

We all want to take the best photos possible of our cat so that we can show off everybody. Kitten Lady and cat photographer Andrew Marttila share tips for taking great photos of your cat or kitten with just a cell phone. Try it and send us the best ones. Submitted by: (via Kitten Lady) Tagged: Cats , photos , guide , Video , take care Share on Facebook

10 Incredibly Beautiful Animal Tattoos That Will Inspire You To Get Inked

Cat on a wire tattoo on a woman

20 Of The Most Weird Places Cats Got Stuck In

In a vending machine, Pringles box, you name it. The question is how the hell did they get there? Submitted by: (via Talltanic) Tagged: Cats , funny , Video , weird , stuck Share on Facebook

The Funny Connection Between Cats & Books

Cats and books, cat waiting for statue to turn the page already.

Funny Day At The Zoo, The Cartoon Version

We thought you would enjoy a moment of nostalgia during your weekend Submitted by: (via CC Cartoons) Tagged: animals , funny , Video , nostalgia , zoo Share on Facebook

10 Cool DIY Dog Beds You Can Make For Your Baby

beds,dogs,cool,DIY,take care

20 Amazing Puppies First Day Of Work

Cute puppies serving the law

10 Smallest (And Cutest) Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist


Top 10 Craigslist Cat Memes

Craigslist cat memes