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Sometimes one just needs some alone time.

dont disterb meh wen ahm in da katnip zone

Man Posts Amazing Ad On Craiglist After GirlFriend Wants Him To Get Rid Of His Dog

17 Stunning Animal Photos From Sony World Photography Awards 2017

winner animals photos from Sony world photography awards

Dog Interviews For Job

a dog dressed in a tie and glasses and interviewing for a position

Locals Wanted To Euthanize Her, But Thanks To Recusers This Dog Gets A Second Chance At Life

A picture of a dog and two vets helping her recover - a cover photo for a truly amazing story.

Cat Protects His Couch

A meme of a baby trying to get on the couch and the cat forbids it

Animal Bed

We is ready for weekend, sir. Submitted by: (via Hochatown Petting Zoo) Tagged: bed , thumper , cute , bambi , animals Share on Facebook

The Epic Rescue Of 9 Puppies Trapped In A Cave 18 Feet Into The Earth

9 puppies were saved from a cave in a heroic rescue