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Just Happy To Be a Part

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Something To Think About

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Where Do They All Go?

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The Cat Breading Trend Is Back Again With Some New And Funny Photos

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Chinese Farmer Shares The Different Trickes He Uses In Order To "Steal" The Eggs From His Chicken

This Chinese farmer decided to share a glimpse into the daily tricks he has to pull in order to “steal” hos chicken’s eggs and the video goes viral.   Submitted by: (via South China Morning Post) Tagged: viral videos , chicken , China , eggs , Video Share on Facebook

14 Majestic Lions That Also Happen To Be Giant Goofballs Of Fluff

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Here’s Your Weekly Dose Of Cute! (#34)

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French Artists Launch an Awareness Campaign To Prevent The Abandonment Of Pets

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Ryzhik, The Siberian Cat, Becomes The First In The World To Get Four Bionic Paws

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