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Emergency Kit-tens!

a funny meme of a box labeled in case of emergency and there are a few kittens

Cats Mimicking Men Modeling

A photo of a male model hanging up laundry and the side picture a grey cat is doing the same hanging up laundry, basically copying the male model

Bini The Bunny Uses His Mini Vacuum To Clean Up

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These 10 Cat Fail Gifs Will Keep You Laughing All Week

a funny picture of a white fluffy cat drinking water from a sink , cover for a list of hilarious gifs of cat fails

Take A Look At The Happiest Dogs To Help You Get Through Monday!

a photo of a a dog with a huge smile on its face and how a big orange flower in its mouth - a cover photo for a list of the happiest and smiling dogs to help anyone get through a working day

Cats With Paper Smiles Are The Cutest Thing!

a collage of 3 photos of a cat and its owner using paper to change the smile each shoot- cover for a list of funny photos of cats smiling

Horse Realizes It’s Not A Real Pony

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These Fluffy Dogs Look Like Teddy Bears! (19 Photos)

a dog that looks like a teddy bear and is lying on its back looking at the camera - cover for a list of dogs that are so cute and fluffy they look like teddy bears

These Cats Don’t Understand Personal Space

a cat laying down on a persons arm as they are trying to work on the computer looking up belly up too - cover for funny cat pictures that don't understand what boundaries are.

Golden Retriever Gives Birth To Green Puppy… Meet Forest!

a photo of a small puppy that is actually the color green and laying near its mom - cover for a story of a golden retriever who gave birth to seven puppies and one turned green