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A Wiener Dog on Stilts Just Took Photoshop Battles to a Whole ‘Nother Level

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Some Kind Human Made a Wheelchair for a Goldfish and People Couldn’t Handle It

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Pornhub Is Pulling All the Strange Stops to Get Pandas Mating For National Panda Day

Just in time for National Panda Day, Pornhub is making things cringeworthily appropriate and imploring its users to film themselves having sex ‘panda style’ in costume or makeup, and then upload said videos. Literally. I had to double take what I just typed. But then again, I appreciate the fact that Pornhub is taking advantage of their wide-reaching influence.. Submitted by: (via Pornhub) Tagged: panda , porn , funny , Video , animals Share on Facebook

Bioluminescence Algae Has Been Putting on a Show Recently and It’s Gorgeous


The Employee of the Month for This Company Is Definitely Cuter Than Most


When It Comes to Modeling, No One Does It Better Than This Cat Named Peach

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Have You Ever Heard an Elk Roar? You’ll Never Be Able to Look at Them the Same Way

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These Delicious Looking Cakes Are Surprisingly Healthy, Thanks to Their Secret Ingredients


This Blind Cat Shocked Rescuers When He Was Finally Able to Open His Eyes


Whales Are Magical Creatures, Even When They Aren’t Shooting Rainbows out of Their Blowholes

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