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15 Cats That Might Actually Like To Give Hugs

a funny list of cats hugging and seeming to enjoy it or do it from love

When Two Kittens Are Stuck on a Narrow Ledge

In this adorable video from Russia, two smart Siamese kittens use teamwork to figure out how to pass each other on a narrow piece of door molding. But, as you will see, there is always a way out.  Submitted by: (via ignoramusky) Tagged: passage , narrow , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

These Beautiful Architect Designed Dog Houses Are Sold For a Great Cause

architecture dog house auction exhibition - 5316869

16 People Who Just Can’t See Their Future Without Their Pets

people pets future animals - 5335557

You Probably Didn’t Know The Differences Between These Similar Animals

similar differences animals - 5334533

When You Have Too Much Spare Time

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Car Wash

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Owl Expresses Feeling To The Dogtor

Dog staring lovingly at an owl in an outdoor setting.


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Told Ya

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