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But Did You All Forget That Cats Don’t Take Orders From No One?

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We Sure Know

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I Know Nothing

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I Might…

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Animal Planet Shares Munchkin Kitten Video And The ‘Aww’s’ Are Endless

This adorable batch of munchkin kittens are just beginning to explore the world. However, sweet and noisy kitten, Stretch, seems to be having some trouble making friends with his siblings..Nothing like adorable kittens to get the heart all mushy! You know what goes well with a mushy heart? Some laughter! We compiled 200 of the best cats of the past decade just for you!  Submitted by: (via Animal Planet) Tagged: youtube , munchkins , kitten , cute , animal planet , Video Share on Facebook

Turn Your Pet Into Royal Portrait With These Custom-Made Masterpieces

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The New Christmas Cat Houses By Target Are Purr-Fect

cat houses from Target

Good Boy: Dog Who Never Left The Side Of His Brother While In Surgery

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If Squirrels Could Talk (Comics)

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How To Annoy Your Owner: a Cat’s Guide On Twitter

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