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Seriously though…what the heck is that thing?!

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We’ll have whatever this cat is having

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100% Cutest Muffin

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Did You Know Axolotls Have The Cutest Yawns Ever

“Look at his smiley little face,” “how can he even be real?” and “where can I get me one of those?” These are just a few of the many positive responses you will probably make after ‘oohing’ and ‘awwing’ at the sight of The Axoloti Salamander. And if that’s not enough, turns out they have the cutest yawns ever!  Submitted by: (via The Dodo) Tagged: yawn , cute animals , cute , animal video , funny animals Share on Facebook

Wholesomeness achieved

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Woman Creates Tiny Mattresses For Rats Including Matching Pajamas

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His Holiness The Pope: Pets With Crocs Hats

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Artist Behind ‘Good Boy’ Shares New Comic Featuring A Black Cat

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Cat Memes Are Here To Spread Cheer

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Animal Tweets That Made Us Laugh This Week (November 11th, 2019)

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