18 Ridiculous Tinder Pickup Lines That’ll Swiftly Crush Your Faith In Modern Dating

Collection of ridiculous Tinder pickup lines that will smoothly crush your faith in humanity.

Girl Sends Boyfriend Selfie Of Her Shaved Head, And He Goes INSANE

Girl sends her boyfriend a photoshopped picture of her shaved head, and he has a total freakout.

22 Pictures That’ll Send You Into An Oblivion Of Cringe

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Delicious Mail

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How To Ride a Horse

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One More, Please

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A Great Idea

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Night Thinking

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Twitter Users Are Sharing Photos Of Their Pets Acting Like Humans And It’s Perfect

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This Man Figured Out The Most Creative Way To Exercise His Beagles

So how do you exercise a heard (six to be precise) of beagles without breaking a sweat?  This man has come up with a pretty creative way to do so.  Check this out. Submitted by: (via Erin Ison) Tagged: dogs , running , Video Share on Facebook