19 Brilliant Brainiacs Who Think America Is 2019 Years Old

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A Short Tumblr Thread About The Confusing Nature Of Sci-Fi Translation

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Furious Old Lady Yelling At Construction Workers Is Every Oblivion NPC In A Nutshell

Don’t you have anything better to do than working for a living?! Submitted by: (via shane wallis) Tagged: old man , freakout , angry , ridiculous , funny , Video Share on Facebook

20 Unimpressed Employers Share The Worst CV Fails They’ve Ever Seen

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Elderly Irishman’s Reaction To Americans On St. Patty’s Day Is Amazing

This is how Grumpy Cat would sound if he could talk! Someone get this guy his own talk show.  Submitted by: (via Virgin Media Television) Tagged: St Patrick's Day , Ireland , old people , ridiculous , reaction , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Strike A Pose!

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Cats Whiskers

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When a Pet Groomer Is Irritated Of People Questioning Their Rates

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Party Time

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Special Times

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