True That

Picture of storm trooper car parked with joke about how they always miss their shots.

A New Research About The Signature Butt Scents Of Meerkats Is Always A Good Opportunity For Some Laughs (17 Memes And Gifs)

A new research about Meerkat's butt habits plus funny memes and gifs

Golden Retriever Knows How Flirt

funny meme on a golden retriever puppy trying to flirt

A Team Of Artists Spent 1,984 Hours Crafting A Custom Built Miniature Town For Hamsters

A new mini town for hamsters

21 Mind Blowing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Fascinating Sex Lives Of Animals

weird facts about animal's sex lives

When You’ve Run Out Of Ideas And Just Sit There

Cat meme of cat trying to figure out a new way to annoy human, and in deep thought about the topic.

When You’re Starving And Waiting For Your Food At The Restaurant, And The Waiter Serves Everyone But You…

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10 Ridiculously Funny Photos And Gifs Of Animals & Babies Trying A Lemon For The First Time

A picture of a cat with a sour looking face after tasting a lemon - cover photo for a list of funny animals and babies trying lemon for the first time

Heartwarming Animated Story Of A Dog Making Omelette For His Tired Owner

For when you’re feeling down. By Madeline Sharafian. Submitted by: (via Madeline Sharafian on Vimeo) Share on Facebook

A New Website Plays Match-Maker For You And A Rescue Dog

new website creates the perfect match between dogs and humans - cover pic of girl and dog with head out car window and wearing matching fuzzy sunglasses.