Cool Cat

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Cats Are Weird

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The Advantage Of Having a Pet

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How to Make a No- Sew Bow Tie For Your Cat

For special events or just for fun, here’s how you can turn your cat to an elegant creature.  Submitted by: (via Pudge the cat) Tagged: diy video , DIY , cat videos , Cats Share on Facebook

Artist Makes The Coolest Pokémon Terrariums That Light Up (30 Images)

Pokemon terrariums cool artwork that is sold on Etsy by James Croft

Welcome To The Kangaroo Sanctuary Of Central Australia

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Capybaras Are One Of The Most Friendly Creatures In The Animal Kingdom

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16 Problems Only Zookeepers Will Understand

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14 Times Tumblr Told Some Very Funny Stories About Cats

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Luxurious B&B In New York Offers Visitors To Relax By Cuddling a Cow

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