The Absurdity Of Coachella Gets Roasted By 12 Scathing Tweets

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Just Mew It

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The Cutest Angry Face

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Finally a Super Hero Movie Worth Watching

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When No One Came To Tito The Raccoon’s Party, His Ferret Friends Threw Him a Surprise Pool Party

That’s what friends are for! Watch as they have a good time splashing around in their mini pool.  Submitted by: (via Tito The Racoon) Tagged: ferrets , pool party , cute , raccoons , Video Share on Facebook

Tumblr Artist, PaleoArt, Creates Beautiful Animal Evolution Series (22 Species)

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Let’s Just All Spare a Moment To Appreciate These Adorable Photos Of Flying Squirrels

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15 Cats Who Just Can’t Stop Watching The New "Our Planet" Documentary

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