Angry Pedestrian Experiences Instant Painful Karma

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Sitting Down Standing Cat

Funny picture/meme of a cat that is both standing up and sitting down at the same time.

The Dragon From “Games Of Throne” And The Hat Of Harry Potter: Scientists Reveal Top 10 Most Bizarre New Species Of 2017

Meet the 10 new species discovered by scientists on 2017 - Harry Potter hat animal cover image

Cat Escalated Quickly

Cat meme of kitty holding a switchblade knife to the dog's neck and asking if we are really out of that cat food he likes.

This Horse Needs Is Being Overly Dramatic

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When Your Cat Doesn’t Know What To Do

A meme of a cat being scared that his food bowl won't get refilled even though he has food in it already.

19 Dog Cartoons That Will Make You Beg For More

19 hilarious cartoons about dogs - Dog graduation speech about making sure to go through life to smell everything.

Pianist Gave Home To 9 Stray Cats And They Become His Most Loyal Audience

Pianist from Istanbul saves street cats and they are playing music together

Battle Cats

Meme of cats wearing funny fruit peels on their head as if they are helmets for cat soldiers.

13 Adorable Gifs Of Pandas, Just Being Pandas

An image of a baby panda sitting and trying to hide behind very thin branches - a cover photo for a list of adorable gifs of pandas