Twitter Thread Tells How Tinder Temptress Tricks Dozens Into Her Personal Bootleg “Bachelorette”

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A Better World

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Yes, You Are Looking At a Snail Teeth…

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Coyote In Debt

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When You’re Hungry But Also On a First Date…

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Liked It

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Pet Friendly Hotel

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This Man Refused To Adopt Because He Isn’t A Cat Person But The Kitty Convinced Him

Larry Ritchie has never really considered himself a cat person.  Last month, he and his girlfriend were walking through their local SPCA and one adorable kitty has stolen his heart. Watch their story.   Submitted by: (via Slideshow for fun) Tagged: adoptopion , kitty , cat videos , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

12 Crazy Animals That Will Surprise You With Their Actual Size

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Amazing Flamingo Baby Boom Thanks To The Crazy Heatwave

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