New Research Confirms, Being a Cat Lady is Healthy!

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A Very Clever Dog Finds A Way To Get His Ball

Dog Uses Rubber Ring To Fetch BallThis is a very clever doggo 😀🐶 ViralHogPosted by UNILAD on Sunday, August 6, 2017 Submitted by: (via ViralHog) Tagged: dogs , clever , smart , whosagoodboy Share on Facebook

Adorable Stray Cats Turn Street Pipe Holes Into The Coolest Playground

Japanese stray cats create cool street playground

Stubborn Dog Doesn’t Want To Leave The Park And There’s Nothing You Can Do To Change His Mind

This poor pup REALLY didn't want to leave. Was a ruff day: Vid: Kristen Bohlsen. #9News | by 9 News Gold Coast on Sunday, August 6, 2017 This Australian dog sure knows how to make a point.  Submitted by: (via 9 News gold coast on facebook) Tagged: dogs , stubborn , park , Video Share on Facebook

8 Frustrating Food Fails Of A Hungry Chubby Cat

8 comics of cat's food fails

Woman Photoshops Her Adorable Dog Into Movie Posters, and It’s Perfect!

a movie photo of the original american beauty poster on the left and a recreation of the posting using a dog instead - cover for a list of redone movie posters with a dog instead of humans

I’m NOT On The Counter

photo of a cat on the kitchen counter

Cat Restrooms

photo of animated cat restrooms

Engagement Photos

photo of two cats in the washing machine

At The Bar

photo of cat and bartender